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Security at speed

We adopt DevSecOps to ensure ongoing, consistent code safety & the automation of testing & coding

Your security boundaries have changed with cloud

Yesterday, security was protecting whatever was inside the firewall from what is outside. Today, that line is blurred, with a constantly shifting mix of on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments and users that no longer stay in a simple, fixed location.

To add the degree of difficulty, change has become a constant – with development and operating models ever increasing in their agility and demanding the same from services they rely on.

As organisations accelerate cloud and DevOps adoption, some of the issues we see CISOs and their teams wrestle with are:

  • How does your Cloud and DevOps roadmaps integrate with your cybersecurity strategy and roadmap?
  • How do you ensure coverage across all of your cloud environments and services?
  • How do you manage your security now that infrastructure is often ephemeral or abstracted away by service providers?
  • How do you move from Security as a fixed cost centre, to a model where Security is traceable through the infrastructure and application lifecycle and clear-headed value decisions are able to be made on implementation and maintenance of Security?
  • How do you respond to incidents in a distributed cloud environment?
  • How can Security teams take advantage of Cloud and DevOps advances to deliver more efficient and flexible service internally to the organisation?

How can Versent help?

Security Strategy

  • Blueprints for digital security, security operations, building extensible cloud foundations, and DevSecOps
  • Adoption of roadmaps to transform security functions to deliver the capabilities needed to support Cloud and DevOps
  • Implementation approaches to achieve Protected, APRA or other compliance status
  • Ongoing consulting to assist with implementation of strategies and cloud security solutions, and navigate the continually evolving range of cloud security services available

AWS Security Assessment

  • Assessment against AWS best practice implementations
  • Creation of work backlogs to remediate findings
  • Implementation teams and / or support to execute on plans and train your internal staff
  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, such as Protected, APRA or other compliance accreditation

See if your perimeters are truly secure.

Contact us for a security assessment, or to discuss your security challenges and requirements.