Security & Identity

User engagement is identity driven with customer & workforce IAM.

  • Personalisation and data integrity.

    Organisations need to have a holistic, omnichannel view of the customer’s journey. Data-holders also need to uphold self-sovereign identity – the principle of consumers owning and controlling their digital identity, with high expectations of UX and consent management.

  • The need for robust enterprise IAM.

    Moving beyond identity provisioning and governance for compliance requirements, enterprises are increasingly realising the full productivity and user benefits of comprehensive workforce IAM solutions.

    This is compounded by a mobile-first, BYOD and remote working culture, necessitating strong authentication practices with embedded security.

  • Benefits of upgrading IAM.

    • Identity governance
    • Regulatory obligations (SOX, BASEL III, PCI, HIPAA)
    • Privacy legislation (Privacy Act, GDPR)
    • Security protocols & standards
    • Easier / more compelling partner access and integration
    • Customer acquisition – Federation / SSO / open authentication makes registration and access easier for customers
    • Customer retention – enhanced UX; integrated access to services; trust in services delivered
    • Faster time-to-market for new digital offerings
    • Employee productivity (self-service, easy and fast access to the right productivity tools)
    • Automation of user account management frees up operational team to focus on value-added initiatives
  • Accelerating & de-risking IAM implementations.

    Our approach to product deployment, configuration and implementation ensure our customers’ IAM solutions are resilient, scalable, and with pattern-based capability to support rapid integration to customer-facing applications.

    We do this across federation and access management, authentication and authorisation capabilities.