Craft tomorrow, today

We're a diverse team of motivated humans who think outside the box and strive to deliver what others might consider impossible. At Versent we truly care about our people and put real focus on making sure we have the best engineering culture in Australia.  We provide our engineering teams with the space, trust, and support, to deliver the best work of their careers. To enable this, we have an engineering culture that places a high value on continual feedback, development of technical excellence, and invention anchored in customer success.

Our Mission

Be Better

In every moment, every interaction, every line of code, we aim to be better than we were yesterday. We are passionate about continuous improvement and care for our craft. We believe that success is solely a function of engaged people doing fulfilling work, supporting one another and continuously investing in themselves. We are a people business.

Our Core Principles

people and

We put humans in front of us before the numbers on the page. We strive to prioritise the long-term wellbeing of our people even if the short-term it means an impact on our commercials. Authentic relationships and an inclusive environment count, honest conversations in the tough moments matter, with our customers and ourselves. We believe work should be fun, and who we choose to work with matters, inside and out.

Get the job

Done:Done is our ethos of continually challenging the status quo and delivering an outcome the right way. Thinking long term and grounded in open and honest feedback, it reflects our desire to continually improve, hone our craft and deliver value for our customers with the highest integrity. Our customer’s success is our success.

Be an

We use judgement, are always considered and think big picture. With judgement comes accountability. We hold ourselves accountable, leaving our egos at the door. We always seek feedback and own our mistakes. Integrity is everything. High judgement requires humility to take in new data, iterate from mistakes, adjust our opinion and continuously improve. We operate with deep levels of trust with each other and our customers. Doing what we say we will do, every time.

It's the place to be if you love your craft and want to share that passion with the world.

Sarah Elleray

Our Benefits

Truly flexible

We offer a fully hybrid work experience and simply ask that you are where you need to be when you need to be there. We also provide as much flexibility around when you work so you can manage your time in a way that best suits you to get the job done.

Health & wellbeing

We focus on you as a whole person, with wellbeing initiatives that are to support you mentally, physically, emotionally and financially. We keep you connected with tools, workshops, online learning programs and ongoing support.

Engaging projects

We promise a continual supply of exciting work with project rotation baked in so there is constant variety in the work you are doing and you’re constantly being challenged.

Career growth

We offer career mobility and pathways to grow and improve as an individual. We offer extensive training and development via our Versent Academy which provides clear career pathways backed up by training and certification.