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Modernising workloads on AWS

Versent has extensive experience in modernising and managing workloads on AWS.

Our expert team will guide you through your application modernisation journey, transforming your applications into resilient cloud applications that scale with your business growth.   

Versent is an industry leader in migrating and modernising legacy applications on AWS. We help our customers select the right architecture and AWS services to meet their specific needs.   

We enable our customers to take advantage of the full benefits of AWS: highly scalable, resilient, elastic services at a lower cost. Our approach ensures license flexibility and future software currency.  


Versent will help you modernise your workloads with AWS managed services such as Elastic Container Service (ECS), Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) and AWS Lambda.   

Unlock the power of automated, scaling, self-healing capabilities and make auto-remediation part of your technology stack.  


Take advantage of AWS native development services to build applications using modern DevOps principles. AWS managed services give you the advantages of consuming automated, on-demand elastic infrastructure.  

Build using Container Platforms  

Versent will work with your team to package your legacy application into container platforms such as ECS, EKS or Fargate, adhering to DevOps principles. This methodology ensures everything is represented as code and properly deployed through pipelines to ensure all your applications run reliably in any cloud environment.  

With Versent’s guidance, you can make a smooth transition to AWS and achieve flawless SQL Server architecture.

Java Modernisation on AWS  

Versent regularly uses Java for our customers’ mission-critical applications. Some customers are still running these applications on legacy stacks because they don’t have the people or expertise to modernise without compromising daily operations.   

Versent can help by modernising your Java applications into AWS native services quickly and securely. Our techniques leave your mission-critical applications uninterrupted while your business smoothly transitions to modern architectures. 

.NET Modernisation on AWS  

Our team are experts in migrating and modernising legacy .NET applications onto AWS. Versent will help you select the right architecture and AWS services to meet your .NET needs.   

Although there are an increasingly diverse set of application development technologies, .NET has long been the de facto standard for Windows. And with a growing ecosystem of alternative .NET implementations, it’s increasingly chosen for cross-platform workloads.   

AWS provides a reliable, scalable, global infrastructure platform with a broad set of cloud-based services. With over 200 services that can be provisioned quickly without upfront capital expenditure, AWS provides the ideal environment to run existing .NET applications and create new, innovative ones as well.  

AWS services provide a number of important benefits, including elasticity, scalability, and flexibility. Your enterprise will have a variety of architectures to choose from, depending on the constraints of your .NET applications, including:  

  • Containers – ECS, EKS or Fargate  
  • AWS Lambda Functions using .NET core 

Contact our expert team and learn more about your .NET modernisation on AWS:

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Download our info sheet on Modernising AWS workloads

We enable our customers to take advantage of the full benefits of AWS focusing on high-performance services at a lower cost. Our solutions ensure license flexibility while also ensuring future software currency.

To learn more, download the info sheet.

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