Modern Run

Fast-track your cloud operations maturity with infrastructure management.


  • Revolutionise your CloudOps with Versent's infrastructure management.

    Are you ready to take your cloud operations to new heights? Versent Modern Run has got you covered with our complete CloudOps model. Our infrastructure management services ensure that your cloud environment is always optimised, secured and compliant, leaving you to focus on delivering value to your business and your customers.

  • All-in-one CloudOps solution.

    Our expert teams are equipped with multi-disciplinary skills to cover every aspect of your cloud operations from infrastructure management to DevOps and SRE/full stack engineering. With Versent’s comprehensive approach, you can rest assured that your cloud environment and brand reputation is in good hands.

  • Proactive support and automation.

    At Versent Modern Run, we’re committed to providing proactive engineering and automation to ensure that your cloud environment is always performing optimally. Our ITSM tool integration, custom alerting, and 24x7x365 monitoring capabilities enable us to resolve issues before they occur, delivering ‘fix before fail’ support and management. We don’t just respond to the problem in front of us, we are always looking around the corner too.

  • Advanced monitoring capabilities.

    Our advanced monitoring capabilities are designed to reduce time to repair and handle dynamic scaling of cloud infrastructure. We have deep knowledge of cloud infrastructure and utilise the latest APM tools from our technology partners to deliver accurate monitoring results. Our anomaly detection technology ensures that false positives or missed alarms are minimised, and we can help you build custom dashboards to suit your business stakeholders.

  • Ongoing continuous improvement.

    At Versent Modern Run, we pride ourselves on shared successes with our customers. That’s why we are in it for the long-term. In phase one, we focus on CloudOps readiness, providing strategic and architectural discovery, and meticulous planning. In phase two, we optimise and make incremental changes towards your target state, focusing on SRE-as-a-service and uplifting what you need.

Accredited AWS MSP Partner

As an accredited AWS MSP Partner, we have a proven track record and deep experience to provide you end-to-end AWS solutions including planning and design, building and migration, operations and support, and automation and optimization