Cost Optimisation

Optimise your cloud spend-to-outcome ratio

Know exactly where to curtail your expenses

Optimise your cloud spend-to-outcome ratio with our best practice quick wins and strategic actions.

Save around 20% on your CloudOps budget with Versent.

Effectively managing CloudOps costs remains a top challenge for enterprises. Most organisations are wasting 10-35% of their cloud spend without even realising it (Stax)

CloudFinOps is not just a cost management discipline.

It spans cloud productivity and capability and provides a springboard for sustainable competitive advantage. It is a discipline across the data and customer insights, the science, and the business processes to instigate positive, iterative changes. Getting the most of your CloudOps budget (only paying for what you need and use), requires a whole-of-organisation discipline and a strategic cloud maturity trajectory.

Versent can help you pinpoint areas for optimisation and rightsizing activity. Consult with us on how your company can further your cloud maturity and the adoption of good operational practices.

How we help enterprises

  • Mitigate wasteful dormancy in operational costs
  • Actively reduce cloud provider spend
  • Achieve peak performance

What our Cloud cost management services include

  • Savings Plan & Reserved Instance recommendations
  • Cost Reporting
  • Ongoing cost optimisation, health checks and right-sizing activity
  • Monthly reporting detailing incidents, problems and change activity alongside continuous improvement activities undertaken, as well as cost optimisation recommendations
  • Ongoing monitoring configuration reviews to ensure optimal coverage
  • Documentation created and maintained to help your teams and business units understand the platform better and create shared knowledge articles


CloudOps savings


weekly compute hours saved


shrinkage in AWS bill

Actual customer cost savings

Through right-sizing, infrastructure decommissions, stringent cost monitoring, automation & an unwavering focus on best practices, we enable our customers to significantly save on their CloudOps.

Reach out for a conversation.

Case Studies

  • Large Industrial Customer


    “When building cloud native – the most important thing is to build trust in those you  are working with. Build rapport so you can distribute throughout the team more  effectively.”


    Digital Strategy and Capability. 

    See Case study →
  • Leading Transportation Customer


    “During the project, our Cloud security posture was kept aligned to our enterprise  security model. This helped us achieve our “Secure Cloud Adoption” goal while  maintaining speed of delivery.”

    General Manager

    Infrastructure & Service Delivery

    See Case study →
  • Rest


    Versent built a complete solution for us. Our previous telephony solution was a per-user pricing model – it was simply too expensive. With Amazon Connect’s pay-per-minute pricing, we could bring on these teams, enabling a better customer and business experience, as well as benefit from a more cost-efficient billing model.

    Simon Smith

    General Manager Technology, Rest

    See Case study →
  • Land Services South Australia

    Real estate

    We have realised significant cost savings in the switch to cloud-based computing, storage and operations. Our core applications are now far more resilient and we are in much better position to respond to dynamic business requirements. Reducing TCO and improving resilience and agility were the key drivers behind the cloud transformation project, and we’ve achieved all of those objectives.

    Michael Kinnane

    Chief Information Officer, LSSA

    See Case study →
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