Modern Run

Cost optimisation: Maximise your ROI and streamline operations.

  • The challenge of cloud cost management.

    Managing CloudOps costs can be a major challenge for many enterprises, with a significant amount of their cloud spend being wasted without even realising it. We understand that your organisation needs to achieve peak performance and eliminate wasteful spending in your operational costs.

  • Our cloud cost management services.

    We offer a range of cloud cost management services that are designed to help you optimise your CloudOps budget. Our experts can help you pinpoint areas that require optimisation and right-sizing activity, ensuring that you only pay for what you need and use without compromising performance, serviceability or availability.

  • Benefits of cost optimisation.

    Our cost optimisation approach can help your organisation achieve sustainable competitive advantage through cloud productivity and capability. By adopting good operational practices, you can improve your cloud maturity trajectory, reduce costs and streamline operations.

  • Our range of cloud cost management services.

    Gain access to a range of cloud cost management services, including savings plan & reserved instance recommendations, cost reporting, ongoing cost optimisation, health checks and right-sizing activity. Our monthly reporting provides detailed incidents, problems and change activity alongside continuous improvement activities undertaken, as well as cost optimisation recommendations and ongoing monitoring configuration reviews to ensure optimal coverage.

  • Empowering your teams.

    We are committed to helping your teams and business units understand the platform better and create shared knowledge articles. Our documentation is created and maintained to empower your teams and drive better performance.  At Versent we not only aim to deliver results, we strive to enable and upskill your team.