AppDev SRE

Accelerate your time-to-market

From concept to commercialisation

Versent Modern Run can manage your customer or business applications end-to-end.

Don’t let resource and specialist scarcity delay your app go-to-market.

Versent Modern Run can provide development time to enhance and build technologies such as applications, APIs, Java microservices and data engineering, as well as provide ongoing full stack support. We can provide application-level support for a range of different COTS and custom-built applications.

We instill rigour in the GTM process across build, test and performance management.

To ensure a successful launch or uplift of your business and customer application, we have a structured onboarding process:

  • Onboarding: Access to the dev environment; establishment of the optimal team structure; intro / planning sessions; document creation
  • Set-up reporting: Dashboard & reporting; traffic light heat mapping; establishment of metrics that matter; summary tables of information
  • Set-up governance: Iterating & error correcting; finding problems & documenting them; building a backlog of work
  • Adaptation: Instilling a discipline of app users and teams to log tickets; add automated alerts; accurate reporting of health of a system
  • Uplift: APM set-up & integrated with business requirements; end-user experience; identifying the meaningful SLAs to the business; analytics; removing tech debt

No set-and-forget complacency

Advanced from App support for Integration and add significant capability to develop Microservices.

Our team have extensive experience with enterprise applications such as NetApp, Commvault, Jira, Confluence, GitHub and other foundational applications. 

Fit-for-purpose API and APM solutions

Our deep expertise in various vendor solutions and platforms means our customers are provided App Modernisation outcomes that are the best fit for their requirements. Our Modern Run team have vast experience across most of the industry’s leading APM and monitoring tools, such as Dynatrace, AppDynamics, DataDog, AWS API, CA, Apigee and Mulesoft.

We also have Java and GoLang Developers to maintain and build service layers. In terms of log ingestion tools for app observability, our team have strong capability with creating dashboards using Splunk and SumoLogic, enabling our customers to expedite issues resolution and track and trace the reliability and performance of their apps.


SLA breaches in 4 years

Digital transformation support for new mobile apps, website, API integration

Versent helped a leading customer loyalty program establish AWS Foundations and integration PaaS, as well as an Apigee gateway for APIs.

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Case Studies

  • Large Industrial Customer


    “When building cloud native – the most important thing is to build trust in those you  are working with. Build rapport so you can distribute throughout the team more  effectively.”


    Digital Strategy and Capability. 

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  • Leading Transportation Customer


    “During the project, our Cloud security posture was kept aligned to our enterprise  security model. This helped us achieve our “Secure Cloud Adoption” goal while  maintaining speed of delivery.”

    General Manager

    Infrastructure & Service Delivery

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  • Rest


    Versent built a complete solution for us. Our previous telephony solution was a per-user pricing model – it was simply too expensive. With Amazon Connect’s pay-per-minute pricing, we could bring on these teams, enabling a better customer and business experience, as well as benefit from a more cost-efficient billing model.

    Simon Smith

    General Manager Technology, Rest

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  • Land Services South Australia

    Real estate

    We have realised significant cost savings in the switch to cloud-based computing, storage and operations. Our core applications are now far more resilient and we are in much better position to respond to dynamic business requirements. Reducing TCO and improving resilience and agility were the key drivers behind the cloud transformation project, and we’ve achieved all of those objectives.

    Michael Kinnane

    Chief Information Officer, LSSA

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