Modern Run

Accelerate business outcomes with data platform uplifts.

  • Unlock the power of your data with our Modern Run cloud-native DataOps.

    Modern data platforms are plagued by reliability risks such as brittle ETLs, data corruption, and lack of trust in data. These backend errors prevent businesses from overcoming tech debt and moving forward.

  • Full stack support for cloud data projects.

    Versent Modern Run can be your plan, build, and run partner for transformative cloud data projects on AWS, Azure, Snowflake, and Databricks. Our team provides full stack support for all major products, data pipeline services, front end, and ingestion systems. By implementing honed DevOps practices, we can minimize these risks and help you realize your business objectives faster.

  • Elastic, scalable, and future-ready data platforms.

    We’ll help you modernise your data platform and reduce your TCO by 4X with cloud-native DataOps delivery practices. We work with you to ensure your data platform capabilities are elastic and can scale to your long-term business requirements and innovation aspirations.

    Our iterative value delivery approach includes continuous improvement loops, rapid learning, automation, and tested data outcomes. We adopt a hybrid advisory, engineering, and Managed Services partnering model to ensure alignment with your data strategies and roadmap.

    Get to your business outcomes fast with our just-in-time architecture and uplift your analytics capabilities with full integration of digital and data platforms, leveraging business intelligence from Day 1.

  • 500% Faster data ingestion
  • 7min Process data