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Yellow Brick Road

Your proven, customised, step-by-step, cloud migration plan

Yellow Brick Road to AWS Success

The YBR will help you to avoid the gaps by looking at your organisation in its entirety. You will then have a modern delivery and operational approach without compromising quality, governance or security. This approach has been tried and tested by many of the top ASX listed companies.

To be successful on your cloud migration journey, we start with the basics – discovery and analysis. We assess your business holistically by asking some key questions.

  • Discovery:  What does my ecosystem look like? Where are my constraints? Can I overcome them?
  • Technology Analysis:  Which of my services are suitable for cloud and which cloud native services could I benefit from? How would this service migration benefit my organisation’s goals and objectives? How would I go about moving my workloads? What are my system dependencies? Which systems are more complex than others? Which services should be prioritised for migration? How should my cloud ecosystem be built out to support my business?
  • Process Analysis: How would changes to my organisation’s processes help me obtain the benefits of the cloud and help me achieve the organisation’s goals and objectives? How would I govern my cloud from security, cost, size, distribution and best practice perspectives? How would I implement these changes?
  • Culture Analysis:  How would cloud adoption change the way my team works? What skill gaps do I have and how to resolve them in the short and long term?
  • Financial Analysis:  Does it make financial sense to migrate specific services? What is my Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and ROI, and can I reduce and improve these respectively over the years?

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