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Cloud Adoption

Partnered with Versent, your organisation’s cloud transformation is a smooth, secure process.

Meet your cloud adoption challenges with confidence.

How does Versent prepare your organisation for cloud migration?  

Versent will conduct a thorough examination of your company’s cloud-readiness and make strategic recommendations. We’ll engage your team at every level of your business, so you’re ready for cloud transformation culturally as well as technically.

What does it take to build a solid cloud foundation?  

Versent’s expert team will design a tailored cloud solution for your enterprise based on industry-leading technology and world’s-best practices. We consider every aspect of your cloud migration, from growth strategy to cybersecurity and automation. Our implementation approach is iterative, so we’ll make sure your system fundamentals are established before we start the full migration process.  

How do we ensure that all vital data will be migrated successfully?  

With cutting edge automation and monitoring tools, our cloud engineers build a cloud platform specifically designed to meet the needs of your IT environment. Our tried and tested automation not only makes your cloud adoption faster; it also makes it smoother and safer.  

How does Versent handle security during the migration process?  

We don’t leave anything to chance when we initiate a cloud adoption project. Cybersecurity and data verification are paramount considerations in every cloud migration we execute. We embed cutting-edge security tools in the foundations of our cloud projects and adhere to best-practice Zero Trust benchmarks for all our security implementations.  

How do we conduct the transformation process, so it doesn’t hamper your ongoing work?    

Through years of experience guiding cloud adoptions and ongoing cloud management for major corporations we’ve learned the importance of working collaboratively with our clients. We know you can’t stop doing business while you make the move to cloud, so Versent cloud migrations allow for smooth integration with your daily operations. 

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Why is moving from an on-premise data centre to the cloud so essential for the sustainability of your enterprise?      

  • Improved speed to market for product development.     
  • Better availability and scalability of technology resources.     
  • An enhanced environment for rapid, secure innovation.     
  • Significant operational cost optimisations.   
  • Automation of routine processes, yielding faster, more reliable reporting.   
  • Freeing up your IT team to focus on product innovation by removing the burden of server management. 

“We absolutely benefited from Versent’s deep cloud migration experience. Their battle-hardened IP reduced the manual migration effort per workload from four hours to only fifteen minutes. Versent fast-tracked our migration, prioritising cost optimisation with efficiency in mind. Through the migration project, we really solidified our partnership with Versent and expanded our relationship.” – Chris Pogson, General Manager Technology, Mirvac.    

Want to learn more? Read the case study about Versent’s cloud transformation work with Mirvac.

Follow Versent’s Yellow Brick Road to cloud success.  

Versent’s Yellow Brick Road is the proven cloud adoption framework we use to set the cloud migration strategy for our clients. We know we can make your cloud transformation a success because we’ll work with you at every stage.   

Versent’s an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Well-Architected Partner, so our AWS practitioners perform Well-Architected Reviews on your workloads. We conduct these reviews prior to, during and after your cloud migration, evolving and scaling your workloads to optimise security, performance, and efficiency.   

Working closely with your organisation’s internal IT team is a vital part of our service. Our approach to cloud adoption encompasses technological upgrade, executive collaboration, and support for your team’s cultural adjustment. Leadership & team mentoring are at the centre of what we do. We’ll make ourselves available when you need us and provide regular reports, so you’re always up-to-date on the progress of your cloud transformation.     

All the critical decisions along the cloud migration journey will be made in consultation with your stakeholders and decision-makers. Our role in your cloud adoption program is to help you refine your strategic vision and achieve your optimum outcomes.    

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Security & Identity.  

Versent’s bespoke security solutions combine the world’s leading technologies to deliver robust, adaptable protection.     

Digital Experience & Modernisation.  

Versent optimises every aspect of your organisation’s digital ecosystem, from customer experience to back-end systems.  

Data & Insights.  

Position your enterprise for growth by implementing an evolved analytics platform. Versent creates data automation systems that yield strategic insights faster.  

Versent Managed Services.  

Your partner in digital transformation, Versent takes a business growth approach to cloud services.