Build a strong cloud foundation for seamless business transformation.

  • Deliver customer value sooner with our native cloud factory.

    Our Enterprise Native Cloud ‘factory’ enables your engineers to quickly and appropriately deploy workloads to the cloud at scale typically within 4 – 12 weeks from sprint to advanced build factoring and networking,

    With proven enterprise-grade architectural patterns and best practices we set you up for cloud adoption success by deploying:

    • A foundational set of automation capabilities
    • Common and reusable tooling
    • Centralised shared services
    • Critical cloud security
    • Compliance, and foundational controls

    This accelerates the initial phase of cloud adoption prior to the build and migration phases of the project and supports the migration to, and transformation of workloads in, AWS and Azure.

  • Cloud foundations: benefits for your business.

    • Delivering a foundational capability for all necessary segments of an enterprise cloud solution
    • Enables compliance with regulations and auditing requirements
    • Standardises processes to prevent isolated pockets of excellence
    • Supports various types of workloads
    • Accelerates project delivery while considering people, processes, and technology
    • Provides clear guidelines for all users that can be customised to your business needs
  • Out-of-the-box solutions customised to your needs.

    We fast-track the initial stages by creating a standard and repeatable set of activities that sequenced and mostly non-negotiable.

    The foundation includes lightweight, automated, and unchangeable components that cover essential functions such as account services, user management, security services, financial and risk management, account monitoring, and networking. We also tailor these services to your specific workloads within the cloud.

    Our shared services cover infrastructure, host management, and pipelines, as well as a forward-looking view of initial migrated, re-platformed, or transformed workloads to be produced by the foundations ‘factory.’

Continuous optimisation

Versent embeds a cloud centre of excellence in your organisation with a cross-functional remit of consulting, engineering DevOps and full stack support to ensure continuous improvement. We automate whenever possible across change, autoscaling, monitoring, alerting, chaos engineering

  • 99.9% Service availability through process automation