What comes after the cloud revolution?

May 31, 2021

The IT industry has always worked in cycles. We ask industry experts what they think will be the ‘next big thing’ after cloud computing.

This is the next in our extended series of ‘controversial questions.’ The eleventh, we think.

Here’s the question we put to a significant number of industry executives:

Everything happens in a combination of waves and cycles. For instance what is now cloud computing used to be time-share. Similarly there has been a constant yin and yang between centralised and decentralised computing – the early mainframes were sidelined by small departments buying minicomputers and then PCs in order to regain some control… and then they were aggregated into networks. But resistance followed and groups isolated again. Now we’re looking at a major aggregation with cloud computing. What does the assembled throng think might cause the eventual waning of this waxing cloud hegemony?


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