How Versent is helping Woodside through its AWS journey

May 24, 2019

The demand to move to the cloud for energy giant Woodside was driven by a couple of main points – to speed up the time to process and interpret large seismic data sets, and providing analysis.

And to help achieve this, AWS premier consulting partner Versent was brought on-board to guide them through and map out their cloud journey. 

Through this partnership many aspects were brought to the fore including the need for an enterprise-grade, native cloud (ENC) platform.

But to get to this stage, Versent firstly provided a detailed analysis, to which it dubbed ‘Yellow Brick Road’ of Woodside’s on-premises infrastructure involving a customised plan to build the ENC.

Once this task was undertaken, the next step involved migrating and transforming Woodside’s existing data and applications.

In order to help deliver on this project, Versent had people on the ground in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne. Part of it also involved the use of Versent’s software-as-a-service tool called Stax, which provides customers with insights into their cloud usage, cost, risk, wastage, compliance and security.



The Yellow Brick Road

We understand that moving to the cloud can be a challenging journey. That’s why we created the Yellow Brick Road, (YBR) a proven methodology to help you navigate your way to the cloud seamlessly. Your guide to navigating the cloud seamlessly