APAC expert guide to cloud migration

November 18, 2021

Computer Weekly:

In this expert guide on cloud migration in Asia-Pacific, we highlight the key considerations and strategies that enterprises can take when moving their workloads to public cloud.

When it comes to strategy, Paul Migliorini, CEO at Versent, a cloud services consulting firm that helped Flybuys make the move to Amazon Web Services (AWS), says organisations should not try to take a legacy enterprise and transplant it into a cloud context.

“Successful transformation and modernisation means thinking about the organisation and its needs as a whole,” says Migliorini…



The Yellow Brick Road

We understand that moving to the cloud can be a challenging journey. That’s why we created the Yellow Brick Road, (YBR) a proven methodology to help you navigate your way to the cloud seamlessly. Your guide to navigating the cloud seamlessly