Can you observe everything with your monitoring?

Isn’t observability just enhanced monitoring? Well, monitoring tells you that a service or server is healthy. But what if a service is slow, hangs, or is only partially responding? How…

Don’t Let Your Cloud Strategy Become A Storm

You’ve finally got your company to have a cloud-first strategy… you’re moving to the cloud. Finally! Suddenly everyone starts throwing buzz words around like; hybrid-cloud, stratus, multi-cloud, FaaS, poly-cloud, cumulus….

6 ways to be smarter and more strategic about your CloudOps spend

Quick wins and strategic actions to optimise your cloud spend-to-outcome ratio Managing cloud spend remains a top challenge for enterprises. According to Gartner, organisations with little or no cloud optimisation…

AWS Well-Architected Framework

Learn, measure, and build using AWS best practices Versent has a dedicated team of consultants to assess your cloud workloads against the AWS Well-Architected Framework. Versent, a AWS Well-Architected Partner….

How collective learning shapes our engineering culture and sharpens our craft

As a seasoned Cloud engineer, I know the criticality of continuous learning and discovery. I reached an epiphany in between customer projects earlier this year, while I was self-studying a…

Cloud adoption should go beyond efficiency & create business opportunities

Cloud designers interpret the goals of business leaders into mechanisms to produce competitive edge. It’s not enough to simply make the existing system better; there’s an opportunity in cloud adoption to open up the horizon and create new business growth channels.

Migrating file shares to AWS using FSx-N: faster & safer

This article explains Versent’s best-practice process for migrating on-premises file shares to AWS, using a modern deployment of Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP. Considerable care must still be taken in the preparation of the environment, but a shorter deployment process means that we can focus more of our energy on helping application owners and business units adopt their new platform.  

Evaluating cloud vendors using Zero-Trust security principles (Part 3)

What makes a cloud security provider trustworthy? Looking at cloud vendors through the lens of Zero Trust means assessing a broad range of characteristics: cultural, ethical and technological.

Is data platform tech debt costing your enterprise big money? 

If engineering teams are under pressure, using short-term fixes in place of well-architected strategic solutions, tech debt is inevitable. Tech debt hurts productivity and carries significant financial liabilities.

Migrating Microsoft SQL Servers on EC2 to AWS cloud

A guide to modern deployment of Microsoft SQL Server on EC2 with AWS. Is your organisation looking to migrate its legacy Microsoft applications and databases to the cloud? Think about options that can preserve continuity of service

AWS re:Invent 2021 – more great news for customers & partners

This year’s AWS re:Invent conference has been jam-packed with exciting announcements from the Amazon Web Services leadership. I’ve been glued to the live feed from Las Vegas, so I’m happy to share my round-up of some of the biggest news from the last few days.   

AWS re:Invent 2021 keynote announcements recap

I’ve put together all the major announcements from the first day of AWS re:Invent. These innovations are certainly going to accelerate cloud adoption journeys. And there’s sure to be more exciting news over the rest of AWS re:Invent, too.

Elevate your customer engagement with modern identity management

Digital interactions are now the primary way users engage with brands, products and services, so those online relationships need to be secure, streamlined and rich with personalisation. 

Transformative IT strategy: get your team focused on business growth

Your IT team should be creating value, not struggling to maintain outdated infrastructure. Forge a transformation partnership that will enable your IT team to do what they do best; build value for your business.   

Versent adds Dynatrace to cloud adoption services catalogue

In Versent transformation projects, Dynatrace can be used to facilitate cloud modernisation and migration discussions during the discovery phase. Dynatrace also helps to ensure that application performance and availability is improved while the application is reengineered into its cloud-native version. After migration, Dynatrace assists with the management of cloud complexities, providing lasting value for Versent’s customers.   

The right stuff: what does it take to become a Versent team member?

Our business is growing explosively right now, and we’re always on the lookout for talented people. The thing I always look for in people is enthusiasm and energy that will inspire the people they work with: that’s the culture we want to have in Versent. 

How do we define Zero Trust? Hint: it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution (Part 2)

In this article, we’ll look at the way Zero Trust cybersecurity defends against the escalating threat landscape. We’ll gain a better understanding of modern cybersecurity’s advantages and limitations, and, I’ll be busting a few Zero Trust myths.

Learn while you earn at Versent: build your IT career

At Versent you don’t get penalised for not knowing the answer. There aren’t any blockades in terms of getting the knowledge you need because you can go straight to the experts and ask them. Asking questions is the express route to learning so we encourage it at every opportunity.

Modernising databases: securely migrating MS SQL Server to AWS cloud

With Versent’s help, you can make a swift, secure cloud transition, retaining all the features of your current SQL Server setup and gaining the benefits of cloud modernisation. This article is a guide to the features available with AWS RDS for Microsoft SQL Server, Amazon’s premium database service with which you can deploy a highly scalable, robust solution at a competitive cost.    

Versent’s Singapore Manager is Channel Asia Awards finalist

Jordan Windebank, Versent’s General Manager ASIA, has been selected as a finalist in the Management Excellence category of this year’s Channel Asia Innovation Awards. Jordan has been selected as a finalist based on his leadership work supporting Build On ASEAN.

Versent is 2x finalist in ARN Innovation Awards for tech excellence

“ARN congratulates Versent – and Dean Robinson in particular – for becoming Innovation Awards finalists,” said Cherry Yumul, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships & Innovation at IDG. “We seek transformative projects and examples of best practice that produce significant impact to customer service, and this year’s nominees did not disappoint.”   

Woodside & Versent cyclists raising cancer research funds

Woodside – Versent’s longtime customer – has fielded a team of more than 180 riders for this year’s Cancer 200 Ride. Among that number are our very own Mitchell Edom and Jason Tuffin, both keen cyclists who’ve been in training for the last few months in preparation for the big ride. Talking about the ride, Versent’s Jason Tuffin said: “I started ten weeks of training, but I confess that I’ve missed a few weeks here and there. I did a fair bit of riding a few years back, so the Cancer 200 is a good excuse to get back in the saddle.”

Modernise data transfer with AWS Transfer Family

Is your organisation looking to modernise its legacy data transfer services? This article is a guide to the new features available with AWS Transfer Family, specifically, around the SFTP service with which you can easily deploy a highly scalable, robust solution at a competitive cost.  

Versent Asia is growing fast: meet our new team members

Versent’s ASEAN business is growing explosively: during the 2021 financial year, we achieved triple-digit percentage growth. Now, I’m happy to announce that we’ve also added a host of talented people to our senior team lineup.  

From juniors to leaders: growing an IT career at Versent

At Versent, we’re always looking for motivated, creative people with a strong desire to learn. Aptitude is important in tech professional services roles, but so are communication and leadership. If you’re a team player with a hunger for knowledge, you’ll find more than just a good job at Versent: you’ll benefit from a culture of mentorship and structured learning that will help you achieve your goals. 

AWS security webinars: learn new skills in a fun environment

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is hosting two free learning events in September to help AWS customers get ‘hands-on’ with their cloud security tools.  The events will be split into educational workshops and a competitive security jam. All sessions are open to AWS customers across the Asia-Pacific region.

Database freedom: moving from Oracle to Aurora Serverless

A guide to database modernisation from Oracle to Aurora PostgreSQL Serverless. We’ll walk through the process of migrating a terabyte-scale database from on-premises to AWS.    

Versent achieves AWS Level 1 Managed Security status

Achieving the AWS Level 1 MSSP Competency establishes Versent as an MSSP and AWS Partner with essential 24/7 managed cloud security skillsets. AWS launched the AWS Level 1 MSSP Competency to enable customers to easily acquire ongoing security monitoring and management services validated by AWS.

Optimising customer UX with cloud-based digital identity

Your digital identity system should deliver a streamlined, secure experience to avoid friction for your users. Otherwise, you risk frustrating your customers and prompting them to look for another service provider. From a business growth point of view, cloud-based identity management enables the personalisation of customer touchpoints. The CIAM model is treating the customer as the primary unit rather than the business divisions.

Build On ASEAN 2021: Versent mentors young IT achievers

Most of the young people had no prior exposure to AWS tools or architectures. It was so impressive seeing the way they learned. As mentors, we could just point them in the right direction, answer their questions, and their enthusiasm and intelligence did the rest. I can remember working with digital teams ten years ago who didn’t move as quickly as these kids. There seems to be a quantum leap happening in IT ability with this generation.

Versent’s AWS Certification initiatives foster continuous learning

Certapalooza is a twice-yearly initiative we developed in partnership with AWS. It’s all about motivating our team to keep their skills up to date and validate their knowledge by gaining new AWS Certifications.

Proactive gender diversity enhances IT culture & productivity

Concrete action in the form of mentorship and training for women is fundamental to closing the IT gender gap. Versent’s mentorship and training pathways for women help ensure that the company – and most importantly, our customers – get the benefits that come from a diverse workforce.

DDD Perth 2021: Versent sponsoring inclusive tech conference

DDD Perth aims to create opportunities for underrepresented social groups to present their ideas. “This is a community that’s passionate about innovation and have a strong growth mindset. They get together to share thought leadership ideas in an open forum, and that’s exactly the sort of proactive culture Versent likes to encourage.”

Rest upgrades its remote work capability with Versent & AWS

Rest engaged Versent to rapidly migrate their customer advice team to a cloud telephony system that would allow them to work remotely more efficiently and securely. Rest’s customer advice team was located at their Sydney CBD office, using a traditional phone solution that couldn’t route calls offsite. Working to a tight deadline dictated by COVID restrictions, Versent deployed a new cloud-based voicemail solution for Rest in just two weeks, enabling their smooth transition to a remote workforce.

Women in ICT Awards shortlist Versent’s Desiree Kelly

Versent Software Engineer Desiree Kelly has been chosen as a finalist in the 2021 Women in ICT Awards – WIICTA – the annual celebration of outstanding women in the Australian tech industry. “I’m so proud to be included in this group of amazing and talented women,” Desiree said. “I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside so many people who’ve inspired me. The thing that feels really good about this nomination is it could be an opportunity for me to encourage others.”

What is Zero Trust & why is it so important? (Part 1)

Zero Trust principles are a foundational plank of contemporary data security. In this series of blog posts, we’re going to talk about what Zero-Trust is and what it can teach us about good and bad digital security architecture. We’ll talk through some of the foundational concepts behind Zero Trust, and we’ll also look at how to implement it using budget and teams efficiently.

Yellow Brick Road to AWS Success

The “Yellow Brick Road” is the way we describe our cloud transformation process. Versent’s Yellow Brick Road will help you avoid digital transformation gaps by looking at your organisation in its entirety….

Transform your Microsoft workloads with Versent

AWS runs more Microsoft Windows workloads than any other public cloud provider, almost twice as much as its nearest competitor.     Versent’s customers get the benefits of AWS high performance, on-demand,…

Managed cloud services should be more than just reactive

ORIGINAL POST FROM DECEMBER 2020 – UPDATED JUNE, 2022 Managed cloud services continue to be a major growth industry, and it’s not surprising when you consider the rate of cloud…

Why cloud-based analytics make your business data more productive

Speed and agility are at the top of many company’s priority lists. Cloud infrastructure allows organisations to set up sophisticated analytics systems swiftly, compared to the lengthy process involved with legacy on-premises systems. Cloud systems also scale up and down smoothly and easily to accommodate fluctuations in user traffic.

In 2021, AWS made cloud transformation more accessible than ever 

AWS has selected Versent to be a Launch Partner in the new ISV marketplace. Find Versent right alongside AWS tools in the marketplace. Versent can be be engaged as your services partner, supporting you with outstanding third-party tools to ensure a better cloud adoption outcome.

Customer-focused digital strategy to transcend crisis thinking

Digital user experience is the marketplace battleground of the future. To be competitive, your business needs solutions that are flexible and scalable as well as robust. Short term money-savers can lead to disastrously expensive problems in the future as the limitations of your solution constrict your ability to adapt and grow.

Cloud Adoption: laying foundations for business agility

When a company has to scale up their operations quickly, it’s a simple, inexpensive process for cloud adopters; a process that can even be automated. Tasks that traditionally took weeks with on-premises systems take only minutes in a modern cloud environment.

Involve your team in digital transformation, leverage data and grow your business

If you invest in a new digital platform, but your team isn’t trained on using it correctly, its value is severely diminished.  For example, your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform is only as valuable as the data that’s in it. It’s vital to capture implicit data from all channels then link this to customer identities, so you can measure engagement and propensity to purchase. All of these elements, when working together in unison, can create a great performance model. 

Digital transformation: first steps toward sustainable growth

Technologies like cloud computing, AI (Artificial Intelligence) personalisation and automation are the foundation of the world’s most successful companies. But these technologies are now essential to survival for any business because, without them, it will be impossible to compete sustainably.

How do we manage cybersecurity in the COVID-19 remote work era?

Over the last twelve months, industry surveys consistently found that between 70% to 90% of companies have radically expanded their work-from-home programs. If your organisation is like the majority, some major challenges arose from the global shift toward team decentralisation. One prominent issue exposed by the remote work surge is the need to re-examine cybersecurity: specifically how security and IAM (Identity & Access Management) needs to evolve to encompass the change.

Women and Leadership at Versent: Nicole Devine

This blog post forms part of our series, ‘Women and Leadership at Versent’. Nicole Devine is currently the Chief Operating Officer at Versent. Though her career spans over 20 years working with technology, Nicole began…

Women and Leadership at Versent: Andrea Milner

We sat down with Andrea Milner, GM Finance, to chat about her work, leadership values, a career-defining moment, and some advice she would leave for anyone also wanting to make the move to the tech industry.

Women and Leadership at Versent: Isha Marwah

Isha Marwah is a Principal Engineer at Versent Australia. We sat down with her to chat about a typical day in her life, her leadership philosophy and some great initiatives she’s seen in her workplaces.

Harnessing AWS best practices with the Well Architected Framework – Cost Optimisation Pillar

At Versent, the AWS Well-Architected Framework is used to help our customers build the most secure, high-performing, resilient, and cost efficient infrastructure possible for all types of applications. The framework…

Re:Invent 2020 keynote recap – our view of all the top announcements

Re:invent has well and truly started and we’ve had plenty of awesome announcements come out of Andy Jassy’s keynote today. The two announcements that resonated with me were: Babelfish for Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL –…

Cloud-based Identity & Access Management: build or buy?

Which approach is better value long-term? Identity and Access Management – IAM – is an essential part of every organisation’s efficient online operations. The question is, should you build your…

5 ways to reduce your data platform costs.

The team at Versent have compiled 5 easy ways – leveraging existing AWS Redshift features – to significantly reduce your run costs.

What is Enterprise Data Management?

Why is it important? How do I go about implementing it? If you’ve asked yourself any of these questions, or even if you’ve never come across the term “enterprise data…

Modernising Legacy Platforms to expand growth opportunities

Businesses of all sizes and types are constantly looking to create new or optimize existing revenue streams by evolving their systems and processes to increase efficiency, decrease cost and improve…

Should you consider Well-Architected and what does it mean?

Wherever you are in your cloud journey, it is important to always ensure that your workloads are running optimally.  There are many factors that contribute to a well architected environment….

AWS Account Structure Strategies

This post was originally published on the Stax blog. Organisations typically need a multi-account strategy to support the requirements of running their AWS ecosystem. It’s important to set up the accounts in a…

Your business ecosystem will never be the same again

Whether we like it or not, we are all connected. COVID-19 has demonstrated with ruthless efficiency the fact that what happens in one corner of the globe can impose a rapid and significant effect on people and organisations across the world.

Ping Identity names Versent APAC partner of the year

Ping has named Versent, a Melbourne-headquartered technology, managed services and PaaS provider, “Partner of the Year” for the Asia Pacific market.

Versent delivers John Holland out of the data centre and into Amazon Web Services (AWS) in record time

Infrastructure and property company John Holland made a strategic decision in 2017 to move onto Amazon Web Services (AWS), in order to make its ICT spend more efficient and move out of its on-premises data centre.


AWS OUTPOSTS AWS Outposts is a new fully managed service that extends AWS infrastructure, AWS services, APIs, and tools to virtually any customer datacenter, co-location space, or on-premises facility for…

How to harness AWS best practices with the Well Architected Framework

Versent is now an AWS approved Well Architected Partner, and we have built a dedicated practice to offer our customers AWS Well-Architected Reviews, that is completely complimentary. At Versent, the…

Let’s talk about Sex(ism)

Last night Versent hosted the Men Championing Change (MCC) oversubscribed meetup where “Everyday Sexism” was discussed. Everyday sexism occurs in both formal and casual settings and can be something that’s…

Was it that bad? Tales from a Versent Iteration Manager…

If you’ve had any experience working in technology, this scenario probably rings true and I know there’s some of you out there who drag your feet into that meeting room…

How to get your data project right when you go cloud native

Understand your data When doing ETL/Data projects, it is really important that you figure out what your data is. How it is structured, how it gets modified, how frequently it…

Why I will get on my mountain bike and ride 650kms for mental health and TourXOz

This Saturday, 1 June 2019, I will join 10 of my Versent teammates, and 50 others to ride 650kms from Hann River Road House (outside of Cairns) to the top…

This My Architecture Live Series @ AWS Sydney Summit : Versent’s Migration Factory

Versent was asked to take part in the “This Is My Architecture” series at the 2019 AWS Sydney Summit. The series focuses on unique architectures that solve real-world customer problems….

My first ever AWS Summit Sydney 2019

I’d heard the hype around AWS Summit, and now I can understand the hype to be true. This week, I joined 14,000 other humans in fast-moving cues and with an…


Every monitoring improvement, however small, that the Versent Managed Services (VMS) team learn along the way now gets fed into these recipes, further developing Alarm Bot. As some of you…

Being a woman in tech on International Women’s Day

Purple and white balloons, home-made scones, pav and hot cross buns set the scene for our morning tea fundraiser to celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD). Before we ravished the amazing…


Balance is not solely a women’s responsibility, nor is it only faced by women. Laura Brandon, Senior API /Microservices Engineer, Versent ‍ Today marks International Women’s Day, a global celebration…


Have you started a planned sprint only to realise hidden dependencies? Thought your stories were adequately analysed, and realised mid-sprint that they were not really sprint ready? Relax, you are…

Why and how to do DevSecOps

Security and DevOps terminology arguments, and how they relate to IT Transformation. I have a long running dispute over terminology with my boss. He is a purist and is trying…


My 2018 was rounded out by recapping some of the highlights from AWS re:Invent for some of our customers. Now we’re in 2019 (happy new year everyone), and I’m sharing…

The subtle theme you might have missed from Vogels’ keynote at AWS re:Invent and other key learnings

As an engineer neck deep into AWS thanks to my role at Versent, I could not have been happier to head to AWS re:Invent – one of the largest tech…

Your “sur-thrival” guide to AWS re:Invent

On the long dusty road to any new event, several things always cross my mind. ‍ 1.   Who is going to be there? 2.   What type of new people will I meet?…

How to negotiate like a four year old girl

It’s 4pm on a school day. A little girl is meandering about her dad’s general store and she asks for a chocolate snack and the response she gets is a…

DevSecOps – the what, why and how

I have worked in the security caper since the early 2000s in various capacities inside enterprises and vendors, and in other IT fields for 10 years or so prior to…

Keep your head in the clouds with your feet on the ground

Australian organisations are forecast to spend $5.6 billion on public cloud services in 2019. By 2020, local public cloud spend will reach $6.6 billion, and hit $7.7 billion by 2021,…

Lessons learnt from going serverless

Versent recently started working with a large telco to help build and deploy APIs and microservices. Our customer was very clear about what they needed the new microservices to deliver:…

Three talks, three security conferences on three continents in ten days!

Notwithstanding the excessive time spent on a plane and having to adjust to several different time zones; I definitely had my work cut out for me during this time as…

How we became #7 in Australia’s LinkedIn Top Startups

Deciding to join Versent was all about timing. When I met the founders of Versent for the first time, the business was just a year old. Their passion for starting…

Women Who Code

I recently presented a talk on serverless to the Women Who Code community held at the Versent Sydney office. Women Who Code is an international non-profit organisation dedicated to inspiring…

Never be too big to ‘sweep the sheds’

Three years ago, I left my cushy corporate job and took a chance on a one year old start up. Why? Maybe I was a little crazy, but mostly, I…

How you can benefit from the AWS Well-Architected Framework

AWS is great at giving you the building blocks for your cloud implementation. In fact, we often use the metaphor of building a house to explain how you can –…

We live and breathe a culture of learning – here’s why

As an AWS premier partner, Versent is always upskilling our team in the ways of AWS.  We most recently achieved 100 AWS certifications via the Amazon Web Services Partner Network….

Don’t be a fail whale – secure your containers!

I was pretty stoked to be invited to talk about container security and participate in a panel discussion… I’m not going to lie, it is always a little daunting to…

Has your digital transformation actually been a success?

Like me, you’ve likely sat through project status update meetings where month in, month out we’re told our program is ‘green’ until all of a sudden one day, it’s ‘red’……

Patch Your S_it with Amazon Systems Manager

You can patch your EC2 systems and run SSM in a few easy steps. But first, why should you use SSM? ‍It’s a fully managed service ‍It’s integrated with IAM and Cloudtrail provides access…

What is the best way to easily ingest data into a Data Lake?

Why you need a Data Lake is a topic that has been discussed at length. Today, I want to answer a commonly asked customer question – “What is the best…

The art of unlearning

The #1 skill to have in the 21st century is to “learn the art of learning” The team at Versent was slated to join a new client on a micro-services…

How DevSecOps meetups can help to uplift the technology industry

Last week, myself and the Versent security team attended the inaugural Sydney DevSecOps meetup. I was excited to see 70+ people in attendance, from a range of industries and a…

AWS Re:invent 2017 Recap – The Security Version

I would like to share a recap from AWS re:invent 2017, focusing only on the security releases from the conference. Release 1: AWS Private Link Features:  1) AWS Private Link allows…

My re:invent highlights

The first thing I noticed, and perhaps the most exciting, was how much of a focus there was on machine learning. From Werner Vogel’s keynote speech (for those of you…

Evolution of “trust” in the world of cloud

Long before cloud and data centres, everyone had their personal servers to host their websites, applications etc. These servers used to be in a “server room” on a particular floor…

Taking the ‘right’ risks and reaping the benefits

We are beyond the early days of the internet where everything security was viewed as in terms of firewalls and network appliances. Security solutions have extended beyond a binary outcome…

The Importance of Feedback

It hurts, right? We expect software to give us the right feedback, and at the right time. As developers, we do write good documentation or the correct log messages at…

The Life of a Versent Employee

Allow us to introduce ourselves. Founded in 2014, Versent began life as a small tech start-up with around 20 team members. Fast forward to today, and we’ve grown our team…

The Psychology of Risk

I work in the professional arena and on a daily basis discover, analyse and make recommendations on risks that exist in organisations. But I am frequently dismayed by what I…

Mental Health: IT is a big issue for the industry

The first step to helping prevent this is acknowledging that it is a problem in the first place, and reducing the social stigma surrounding mental illness. Encouraging people to open…

Heroes and Villains and the time in-between

The Hero As a managed service engineer you are often rewarded with praise for successful implementation of a change or delivery of an improvement idea. On occasions, you “save the…

The Road towards a Secure User Experience

Working in security, at times I feel like I am living a double life – one as an “all-knowing” consultant, the other as a hypocritical human being who makes mistakes…

Curate, Not Inspect

The good news is, tools to detect, inform and report are getting better, so are the adoption of the processes. From Sonarqube to Selenium, from Agile Testing to DevOps. However,…

How Data Contributes to a Virtuous Growth Cycle

In fact, a recent survey cited in the Harvard Business Review found that 63% of firms plan to invest more than $10 million in 2017 (compared to 24% in 2012)….

Soft skills in a hard industry; the professional value of personal growth

It is often easy to identify our own technical inadequacies and what specifically is needed to remedy those inadequacies because they are readily apparent to us. If you can’t figure…

Hackers Are People Too

For those who didn’t see it, the early section dealt with Steve at University and I think gave a glimpse of how the roots of the IT industry based in…

Service NSW celebrates a win at The Identity Excellence Awards

The annual event held in Chicago and hosted by Ping, receives nominations from outstanding companies such as Netflix, Adidas, Cisco System and many more. A huge congratulations to all winners! This…

AWS Account Strategies for Enterprises

After you have rushed out and created that first AWS account, to gain an understanding of AWS and play with Lambda! It’s important to take sometime and decide how many…

Consumer Privacy

Around 10 years ago, a couple of mates and I had a bright idea that we could (perhaps singlehandedly) transform the face of electronic banking. We put together a prototype…

Versent on The Meteoric Rise From 0 to 130 in Under 3 Years

On asking if they could have predicted such rapid success James offered: “I don’t think we could have tipped that we would win BRW Fast 50 and lodge number 7 in that”…

The AWS Security Landscape Evolution

These are questions which were easier to answer five or so years ago, when organisations typically owned one cloud (AWS) account. The AWS account only had one kind of server…