eHealth NSW

Modernising eHealth NSW’s infrastructure to save time and improve performance

New South Wales (NSW) Health’s vision is to create a sustainable health system that delivers outcomes that matter to patients, is personalised, invests in wellness, and is digitally enabled. In line with this vision, it embarked on a digital transformation journey with Versent and AWS to build an even stronger, more flexible, patient-centred health system for its citizens.  

As part of the transformation, eHealth NSW migrated 10 clinical applications, including mission-critical workloads from its on-premises infrastructure onto the Cloud. This reduced manual operational activities shortened the time to create new environments and achieved performance improvements for its applications.  

And the success of the project came down to partnership. “We found it very beneficial for our cloud engineers to have the expertise of world leaders in this space working alongside them each day,” said Daniel Hansen, Project Manager, eHealth NSW. 

Josh Lopez,GM Cloud at Versent also saw the benefits of working closely together. “Versent has been really proud over the past 2 years to work alongside eHealth and AWS professional services to deliver such a monumentous transformation – but really what we’ve seen is the growth within eHealth’s people from a standing start to become specialists themselves.” 



The Yellow Brick Road

We understand that moving to the cloud can be a challenging journey. That’s why we created the Yellow Brick Road, (YBR) a proven methodology to help you navigate your way to the cloud seamlessly. Your guide to navigating the cloud seamlessly