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Mahesh Aswani Technical Director at Versent

Mahesh Aswani

Cloud Sustainability Architect

August 22, 2023

In the face of exponential cloud growth and growing reliance on technology, businesses must proactively address unexpected challenges that have the potential to disrupt their operations. Versent’s Resiliency Services specialise in designing, deploying, and optimising robust solutions, enabling organisations to maintain uninterrupted services and gain a sustainable competitive edge.

Our Approach

Leverage Best of Breed AWS & Industry solutions to Design, Build & Operate Resilient SolutionsWell-Architected Resiliency Solutions aligned to customer’s availability & risk mitigation needsContinuous optimisation of systems to ensure systems adapt to ever-changing environment & availability needsComplete Business Impact Assessment

– Cost
– Compliance
– Risk Social
– Responsibility
– Environmental

Our Resiliency Services

At Versent, we are passionate about empowering businesses to thrive in a digital world. Our expertise in resiliency on AWS, combined with our dedication to delivering exceptional customer service, we persist in becoming your ideal partner in building and maintaining a resilient environment.

Resilient Architectures

Leverage the power of AWS Availability Zones & Regions alongside the power of managed AWS services like RDS, S3, EC2 Autoscaling, EKS, ECS and more to design & build robust and resilient solutions.

Disaster Recovery

Develop comprehensive disaster recovery approaches that include regular data backups, replication across multiple AWS Availability Zones or regions, automated failover mechanisms, and rapid recovery procedures using services like AWS Backup, DataSync and Elastic DRS.


Implement robust monitoring solutions using AWS Lambda, AWS CloudWatch, AWS Config, Trusted Advisor and third-party tools to continuously monitor infrastructure health, performance, and security.

Load Balancing & Scaling

Design highly available solutions using AWS Elastic Load Balancing and Auto Scaling or like-type capabilities to distribute incoming traffic across multiple instances, ensuring optimal performance and scalability.

Security & Compliance

Maintaining resiliency through industry-leading security & compliance measures, including data encryption, access controls, intrusion detection systems, and security incident reporting using AWS services like KMS, GuardDuty, Shield, WAF & Security Hub.

Continuous Improvement & Optimisation

Identify areas for improvement, and implement best practices using AWS services like AWS Resilience Hub, Health Dashboard, Systems Manager & Fault Injection Simulator.

Case Studies

Ready, set, scale when it comes to banking

Versent takes Greater Southern Bank to the cloud whilst increasing resilience and higher availability of digital channels and platforms.

Ready, set, scale when it comes to banking

Revolutionising Healthcare with Modern Resilient Solutions

Versent works with NSW Health (eHealth) to modernise their systems to adopt automation to meet high availability & scalability needs.

Modernizing eHealth NSW’s infrastructure with AWS Professional Services and Versent

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