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October 15, 2021

Jordan Windebank, Versent’s General Manager ASIA, has been selected as a finalist in the Management Excellence category of this year’s Channel Asia Innovation Awards.  

Jordan has been selected as a finalist based on his leadership work supporting Build On ASEAN.   

Build On Asean is a hands-on technology learning forum for teenagers from around the ASEAN region. The event brings together small teams of school students who compete to solve complex, real-world IT challenges.   

Student teams at Build On are matched up with industry experts who mentor them as they plan and execute their projects. Jordan Windebank organised a contingent of mentors from Versent’s Singapore office to go to Build On and work with the young competitors.  

Talking about the mentorship experience at Build On, Jordan said:  

“The teams we mentored were challenged to devise real-world solutions for actual businesses. Corporate representatives from these big companies came in and explained the problems they were facing, and these amazing kids set about figuring out how to solve them.”  

“Most of the young people we were mentoring had very little prior experience with pro-level tech systems. They learned so quickly, and that really impressed me. As mentors, we only had to give them some basic clues and answer their questions – they had a lot of questions – and the kids did the rest,” Jordan recalled.  

“Of all the things I do as a manager and team leader, mentorship is right up there as one of the things that gives me the most satisfaction,” he said. “For Build On, I got a group of us from the Singapore office involved, and we all had a terrific experience. I think it was really valuable for my guys who went along as mentors as well as for the kids themselves. Helping other people accomplish their goals is the best way to learn leadership, and I’m all about nurturing that quality in the people who work in my team.”    

“I’m really honoured to be a finalist in the Management section of the Channel Asia Awards this year. Some of the credit definitely goes to my team as well, though. When you’re managing a fantastic group of people like I work with, it’s much easier to get great outcomes.”  

About the Channel Asia Innovation Awards  

Organised by IDG, the Channel Asia Innovation Awards are the largest celebration of tech customer solutions excellence in Southeast Asia.   

Jordan Windebank and the other 2021 Innovation Awards finalists have been shortlisted from more than 300 nominations, spanning start-ups, telcos, and distributor technology businesses.  

“Channel Asia congratulates all our 2021 finalists,” said Cherry Yumul, IDG Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Innovation.   

“ASEAN is brimming with inspiring examples of innovation yet crucially underpinned by stoic levels of resilience. This is a market facing ongoing COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions while battling some of the worst outbreaks of infections and encountering the most devastating societal and economic implications in the process. Yet this is a market which is raising the bar for industry excellence with cutting-edge technologies and solutions. Two words perfectly illustrate the DNA of the ASEAN technology ecosystem: tough and transformative.”  

Innovation Award winners will be announced in a virtual awards ceremony on Thursday, December 2. More details on the Channel Asia Innovation Awards website.  

Versent Singapore achieving steep growth   

Management Excellence Award nominee Jordan Windebank is General Manager of Versent’s Singapore-based Asian business. The Singapore business is growing explosively, seeing triple-digit percentage growth during the 2021 financial year.   

“I’m tremendously proud of the hard-working people here in our Singapore office who’ve made this rapid trajectory possible,” Jordan commented. “Since taking on the management of our Asian business, my team have constantly impressed me, and they all deserve hearty congratulations for our success.”    

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