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June 27, 2021

AWS runs more Microsoft Windows workloads than any other public cloud provider, almost twice as much as its nearest competitor.  

AWS RDS Migration and Modernisation for Microsoft SQL Server  

Versent’s customers get the benefits of AWS high performance, on-demand, elastic services. Lower costs, license flexibility, and future software currency are just a few of the great outcomes our clients enjoy.    

Why choose AWS for your Microsoft workloads?

  • 2 x higher performance for SQL Workloads    
  • 2 x more regions with multiple availability zones    
  • 5x more services offering encryption    
  • 36% savings using AWS over three years    
  • Flexible licensing options    


Unlock elastic, scalable, cost-efficient services by moving your Microsoft workloads to AWS.    


Future-proof your Microsoft workloads by introducing AWS managed services such as RDS, FSx for Windows and Windows Containerisation. Your business gets the advantages of automatic scaling, self-healing and auto-remediation. 


Take advantage of AWS native development services to build .NET applications with modern, managed DevOps tooling. AWS managed Microsoft services will support your apps with on-demand elastic infrastructure.    


The Versent Managed Services team can manage your Microsoft workloads on AWS for you, so you can focus on achieving your business outcomes.

Microsoft SQL Server runs better on AWS    

Running Microsoft SQL Server on AWS is secure, reliable, cost-effective and optimised for performance.    

Hosting SQL Server on AWS Relational Database Service (RDS) minimises the management costs of underlying SQL Server database because AWS manages it for you. With RDS, you can deploy scalable SQL Server instances in minutes.  

The diagram below illustrates a scaled AWS RDS deployment.  

Benchmark testing of SQL Server on AWS versus Microsoft Azure reveals that AWS instances run better. Comparing memory, vCPU, and storage performance, SQL Server on AWS achieved more transactions per minute and a price-to-performance ratio twice as good as Azure’s.


Service Offerings:

Versent have several Service Offerings that support customers to migrate and modernise their Microsoft SQL workloads into AWS.
These are:

Each offering above includes specifically targeted use cases, where you can migrate and or modernise your Microsoft SQL Databases onto AWS Relational Database Services (RDS).

Use Case:
Versent’s primary use case is enabling well-architected adoption of Microsoft Database services in AWS RDS to unlock access to modern tools, services and cloud native capability.
With a direct focus on Security, Performance and Scale, Versent aims to support any customer across Small, Medium, Large Enterprises in any district or field to enable better application performance.

Discovery & Approach:

Whilst there are many different approaches to deploying or migrating databases to a different environment, Versent ensures that a tailored and targeted discovery is performed with a deep focus on the compatibility and integrations so that any application consumer (either internally or externally), are captured in a way that allows for a smoother and successful migration.
Versent also ensure that every database deployment performed with our engineering teams are done so with the highest degree of security and rigor, no matter how small. Versent works with many organisations across private and public sector and ensure that the requirements of compliance are included from a bottom up approach.

Delivery Success Model:

Migration of a core critical system component like a database can be difficult or slow based on how it is originally configured.
Versent ensures that any migration for the services deployed are sequentially assessed with lower tier environments first to ensure that as part of success, the confidence on the previous database engines are migrated carefully for a pre-cursor to success for Production migration.
Most importantly, Versent makes sure with every customer, we work with customers and not at customers so that as a unified team, the journey to AWS is a team sport that everyone participates together.


You don’t need to run unsupported services or pay for extended Windows or SQL Server support on your out-of-date operating system or databases. Using AWS, you can migrate your legacy Windows or SQL workloads to the latest operating system without any compatibility issues. Using the End-of-Support Migration Program (EMP), you don’t need to make a single code change, and you don’t need the original installation media or source code either.  

Versent is your AWS Premier Partner for cloud migration and Microsoft workloads modernisation. Get in touch with a Versent consultant and start your AWS Microsoft workloads modernisation.


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