How Data Contributes to a Virtuous Growth Cycle

David Hanus Technical Director Data at Versent

David Hanus

Director Data, Versent

June 29, 2017

In fact, a recent survey cited in the Harvard Business Review found that 63% of firms plan to invest more than $10 million in 2017 (compared to 24% in 2012). Similarly, 70% now say that big data is “of critical importance” (compared to 21% in 2012) Amazon, is one of those businesses with data at its core. It has developed the concept of the Data flywheel to communicate across their business how data contributes to a virtuous growth cycle.

Insights gathered from its customers over the past few years have enabled AWS to develop services that have revolutionized the way modern technology businesses now operate. In the data space services such as Redshift, EMR and ML are enabling new cost effective ways of delivering data platforms at scale and when combined with services such as S3, serverless architectures, API gateways and more, solution that have the power to transform business operations and customer experiences become possible at a fraction of the cost and time previously possible.

The availability if AWS Data services and a handful of developers offers enterprises a fantastic head start in this department, however, and their data ambitions grow many organisations start to experience the very issues that have plagued their legacy environments in the past such as increasing change lead times, brittle data pipelines, increasing delivery cost etc. Each factor sapping vital energy out of the data flywheel.

– Speed and cost effectiveness through automation.

– Enterprise grade security from the outset.

– API enablement of platforms so that services can be readily leveraged within and beyond the organization.

– The most talented local developers that craft solutions that scale with your ambitions.

Our compelling value proposition has led to many of Australia’s largest companies selecting us to establish their cloud presence and as companies have progressively sought to apply these benefits to more areas of their business we have responded by adapting our successful delivery model to programs of work looking to make a large impact in their business through Data.

Applying our approach to data ensures that your organization not only gets your business to insights and benefits faster but more importantly ensures that the discipline of innovation is baked into the platform from the outset. By providing your organisations with “the rails” to successfully implement, continuously deliver and innovate in the data space, the energy required to get your data flywheel moving is multiplied resulting in more time thinking about what is possible rather than why it is not.

So if your organisation is looking to make a big impact through data get in touch with us to see how we can help you get to your outcome faster.

David Hanus, Director Data, Versent


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