AWS re:Invent 2022: Adam Selipsky’s Keynote Announcement

Josh Lopez Partner, Cloud Adoption at Versent

Josh Lopez

Partner Cloud Adoption, Versent

November 30, 2022

Re:invent has well and truly started and it’s back in a hybrid mode which allows anyone to consume all the great content that’s produced during the week. I’m still super excited about all the awesome announcements that will be coming over the next days. The two announcements that resonated with me in Adam Selipsky, CEO AWS keynote the most were:

  • Amazon Security Lake: as customers utilise AWS more and more, security becomes the most important aspect of operating successfully in the cloud. This announcement allows customers to have more confidence that they can centralise their security data in one place to start to take actions more effectively. 
  • Amazon OpenSearch Serverless: if you have configured OpenSearch clusters in the past you know that it is quite a complex process. Now that AWS has taken the undifferentiated heavy lifting away with this service announcement it makes focusing on deriving insights from the data so much quicker.

I’ve put together all the announcements from today’s keynote and we’re looking to get plenty more over the course of re:invent as there’s 3 keynotes to come so keep an eye out for future posts to get across all the announcements.

  • Torn Write Prevention for EC2, EBS and Amazon RDS ensures 16KB write operations are not torn in the event of operating systems crashes or power loss during write transactions.
  • Amazon Security Lake provides the centralisation of security data from multiple sources into your AWS account. It makes it easier to analyse security data across your entire organisation. It aligns to the Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF)
Data & Analytics
  • Redshift integration for Apache Spark with Amazon EMR makes it easy to build and run Spark applications on Amazon Redshift that now enables customers to broaden their set of capability around analytics and ML solutions.
  • Amazon OpenSearch Serverless brings serverless compute to large scale search capability and now customers no longer need to put effort into configuring clusters. Now more focus can be put on exploring and deriving insights from the indexed data.
  • EC2 instances announced were Inf2, Hpc7g and Hpcid all providing higher throughput and better price performance capability to run machine learning models even quicker in AWS
  • AWS Clean Rooms that help companies analyse data where it lies with an advanced privacy set of controls. It utilises cryptographic capabilities to ensure companies can interact while protecting customers privacy.
  • AWS Supply Chain is a new cloud application that delivers actionable insights to the supply chain process.
Gaming & 3D Rendering
  • AWS SimSpace Weaver allows you to run large scale spatial simulations without managing any infrastructure for it. It lets creators focus on the simulation and integrates with popular 3D engines including Unreal Engine
Call Centre Enablement
  • Contact Lens for Amazon Connect adds the following capability
    •  evaluation forms for agent performance
    • Conversational analytics for chat extending the machine learning capability from voice based customer interactions to chat interactions.
  • Agent workspace with guided step by step actions that guides agents to resolve customer issues

There’s plenty of announcements to digest that will accelerate your cloud adoption journey. If you need to speak to a consultant on how you can utilise these services to transform your business, please do get in contact with us.


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