In 2021, AWS made cloud transformation more accessible than ever 

Tim Hope Chief Technology Officer at Versent

Tim Hope

Chief Technology Officer, Versent

June 2, 2021

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If you’re one of the fifty-seven percent of business leaders feeling pressure to fast track your cloud transformation, then I have some good news for you. AWS (Amazon Web Services) has expanded its marketplace offerings to make transformation even more accessible.  

AWS has long been the go-to destination for state-of-the-art cloud computing infrastructure and tools. AWS won its industry-leading position by offering a massive range of innovative features: best-of-breed software coupled with enterprise-scale capacity. Amazon’s ambitious expansion also means it can offer its customers economies of scale that make it desirable from a technological point of view and also in economic terms.  

Making cloud adoption simpler

New AWS customers commencing their cloud adoption process have an overwhelming range of options and possibilities presented to them. The big challenge is to select the specific set of features needed and implement them strategically. For CEOs entering into transformation, it’s a bit like walking into a hardware store for the first time and trying to find the right tools and materials to build a house. Unless you know what to look for and where to find it, the sheer volume of options is a roadblock.  

AWS is solving this problem by bringing solution advisory services into its marketplace, alongside the products and technology.   

Previously, new AWS customers needing mentorship and advice would have to locate transformation consultants independently. That was a significant task in itself, in a crowded marketplace where hype often exceeded actual competency. For an enterprise initiating a digital transformation, the unknown unknowns made choosing a consultancy a difficult task.    

The AWS marketplace now includes a section dedicated to cloud transformation and professional services consultancies. Known as “ISVs” – Independent Software Vendors – these are companies that offer strategic advice and transformation mentorship to organisations undertaking their move to the cloud.   

Versent is leading the way

AWS has selected Versent to be a Launch Partner in the new ISV marketplace. We’ve been working closely with AWS and implementing their products for years, so this endorsement is a big achievement for us at Versent. But it’s also a significant reassurance for our customers. For a company taking its first cloud migration steps, partnering with an AWS endorsed mentor makes the decision process a bit simpler. We know the AWS ecosystem inside-out, and that’s the sort of know-how you need to make efficient, strategic decisions on transformation.   

Now, when you’re looking at your transformation options, you’ll find Versent right alongside AWS tools in the marketplace. Versent can be be engaged as your services partner, supporting you with outstanding third-party tools to ensure a better cloud adoption outcome. 

You’ll be able to engage with us in the same streamlined way you’d find the server space and data software you need. Your billing arrangements will be simpler, too, because the professional services Versent provides can be part of your AWS payment schedule.   

Versent’s always been committed to making life simpler for our clients. So much of what we do focuses on demystifying cloud transformation and helping our customers build strong, secure migration plans.  

To hearken back to my Bunnings analogy for a second, walking in to find your house building materials with a licensed tradesperson by your side is a much better feeling than going it alone.  

Being a Launch Partner in AWS’s new ISV marketplace is another way of making the complicated task of transformation more accessible for your business, and at the end of the day, that’s what Versent’s all about.  

If your enterprise is looking to fast track your transformation journey talk to our Director of Cloud services today.

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