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Identity and Access Management

Ensuring data integrity and user personalisation.

Why upgrade your enterprise IAM? 

Ease of use    

Single sign-on (SSO) and social sign-on capabilities make it much easier for your customers and team members to access your services. Recognisable credential checking processes like social sign-on also give customers a reassuring sense of familiarity when they’re engaging with your brand.   

Enhanced security    

Strong user authentication ensures that your online systems are well protected, and that helps build a trustworthy reputation for your brand. Data breaches and hacking attacks can be very costly, and if they result in the exposure of sensitive information, they can do severe harm to companies’ reputations. Contemporary IAM capabilities allow your organisation to transcend the limitations of perimeter-based security and offer safe, secure services in the cloud.   

User personalisation   

Today’s customer expects a high standard of service from online platforms. A modern IAM system will give your enterprise better tools to understand your users at every stage of the engagement process. From first-touch to repeat customer status, cloud-based IAM automatically implements secure data management, delivering a seamless, personalised user experience that caters to each customer’s individual needs.

Adopting a Zero Trust model

To deliver high quality, trustworthy online services, your security approach needs to cover cloud-hosted and mobile applications. Enterprise identity and access management (IAM) provides a Zero Trust approach by ensuring the integrity of the identifying information used to validate users.   

Secure integration

Modern cloud-based identity management solutions allow full integration and interoperability with partners and frameworks such as the Australian Consumer Data Right and the Trusted Digital Identity Framework. Cloud-based IAM also facilitates compliance with international security standards and privacy principles.   

Mobile device and BYOD security      

Remote work became the norm for millions more people in 2020, creating a boom in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) vulnerabilities. There has never been a greater imperative for your business to invest in robust ID authentication practices.     

Versent’s cloud-based cybersecurity and IAM (Identity and Access Management) tools give your team the flexibility to work, wherever they are, without making your services vulnerable.

How does Versent upgrade your IAM?   

Our identity and access management solutions are founded on industry-leading identity strategy and reference architectures. We’ll help you establish best-practice benchmarks for security, user experience, time-to-market and efficiency. We’ll work with you to develop an achievable IAM transformation roadmap. The strategy we devise will focus squarely on supporting your long-term business objectives and giving you better agility to handle changing market conditions.   

Versent IAM solutions enable automation, efficient scalability and easy iteration. We’ll employ best-of-breed cloud tools, enhanced with powerful tools from our partners like AWS and PingCloud.   

We’ll work with you as your partner, so we’re not just going to sell you a package deal and walk away. Our Versent Managed Services team can help you run your new identity solution and train your team on using the new technology. Our specialist IAM team are highly skilled operational engineers with extensive industry experience in many different industrial contexts. We’ll make sure your new identity platform runs smoothly, so your IT team can stay focused on business growth-oriented work.   

If you need to pivot your online platforms over time, we can take care of upgrades, app integration and architectural modifications. Working with Versent, you’ll be confident that your users are enjoying the best possible security and personalisation features. 

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