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Identity and Access Management

Ensuring data integrity through an 'always-authenticated' approach

Adopting a Zero-Trust model

As organisations move towards delivering services to customers, staff, and partners through a digital channel, security approaches need to encompass Cloud-hosted and mobile applications.

Identity is at the heart of an ‘always-authenticated approach’, ensuring the integrity of the data used to identify, validate and provide access to users.

Why solve Identity?

  • Ease of use – single sign-on and social sign-on makes it easier for your users to securely access your services
  • Security – strong authentication capabilities ensure that users accessing to your systems are properly identified, building trust in your services and allowing you to extend your perimeter to the Cloud
  • Secure integration and interoperability with partners and frameworks such as the Australian Consumer Data Right and the Trusted Digital Identity Framework, as well as support for Privacy Principles.

How can Versent help?

  • Developing an Identity Strategy and Reference Architecture, to set the standard for your organisation and to reduce time-to-market and operational costs
  • Development of a real, deliverable roadmap for Identity to support your long-term business objectives
  • Identity Uplift – end-to-end delivery of fully automated, scalable and manageable Identity solutions
  • Run your Identity solution – our Managed Services team boasts a specialist Identity team comprising of skilled, experienced operational engineers who ensure your Identity platform runs smoothly, so your team don’t need to.
  • Versent Managed Services also supports enhancements, application integration and operational architecture advice.

Need clarity on your Identity & Access Management roadmap?

Talk to one of our Identity specialists to find out how we can help.

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Need clarity on your Identity & Access Management roadmap?

Talk to one of our Identity specialists to find out how we can help.

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