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Optimise every aspect of your IT ecosystem, from customer apps to back-end services.

How can you get the best return on your digital investment?    

Moving your organisation to a modern IT ecosystem can seem like a big cost item, but properly handled, it’s a foundation for expansion and efficiency.   

Digital transformation yields enhanced data insights so that decision-makers can capitalise on opportunities faster.   

The way your customers interact with your brand is vital to business growth. An integrated cloud environment will allow you to continuously optimise your digital customer experience, generating better engagement and conversion.  

Versent will partner with your organisation and help you realise your digital transformation strategy.  We’re in the business of creating total solutions that weave together the apps your customers use and the analytics engines that inform your strategic planning. From product/market fit to agile data management, we create iterative solutions that optimise growth opportunities. 

Revolutionise your whole company, not just parts of it

Where are the biggest gains to be reaped from digital transformation?
If you’re contemplating that question, it’s worth considering that moving a business into a cloud environment works best if it’s approached holistically.  From app modernisation to databases and internal platforms, your cloud systems need to work seamlessly together.  

Versent takes on total enterprise transformation projects. Our collaborative process with our clients is about teamwork, communication, and strategic implementation. We’ll work with you to make sure you get the best organisation-wide outcomes and don’t leave gaps in your digital environment.    

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We can help you build it, run it, and refine it

Designing and building your platforms is the first big challenge you’ll face as your organisation embarks on its transformation. But that’s not the end of the story. Maintaining and evolving your new IT environment is equally important, and it’s an iterative project. You’ll need automation, app integration and flexibility to make the most of your system.   

Partnered with Versent, we’ll guide your enterprise through a rapid release and swift iterative process. We’ll get you to market more quickly, but we’ll also fine-tune your digital experience until everything works perfectly. We’re not selling package deals and walking away. We make sure our clients achieve the outcomes they need.     

“We can now give our customers insights through data visualisations, which we have never been able to offer before. This sets us apart in the market, meaning we can have more insightful conversations with new and existing customers, and really understand their needs and spot opportunities.” – Sean Langton, CTO, Vix Technology.

Want to know more? Read the case study about Versent’s IT modernisation work with Vix Technology.  

Legacy tech evolution

If your organisation is like most businesses looking at digital modernisation, you probably have a massive legacy IT system in place already. You want to evolve your digital business, but how do you manage the move from the old systems to the new?  

Versent is a cloud-first business, but we’re not afraid of handling legacy tech migrations. We’ve earned our reputation by helping big corporations with cumbersome IT systems leap into the cloud revolution. From data-vault systems to app modernisation and AI enhancement, we can upgrade every aspect of your IT environment.  

How can you achieve a trouble-free digital transformation?  

Approximately 70% of digital transformation efforts fail because the teams managing them don’t invest enough time in preparation and planning. We resolve transformation challenges by:    

  • executing a comprehensive digital strategy,   
  • right-sizing your solution,   
  • implementing advanced automation, &    
  • building a digital solution that’s custom made for your enterprise. 

We’ve got the experience to transform the biggest organisations 

  • With 6+ Years of operational experience, we’re now one of Australia’s most trusted digital mentors.    
  • We employ more than 400 team members across Australia, Singapore & the United States.    
  • Versent has received more than 25 industry awards, including AWS Partner of the Year, three years running.    
  • Versent is an Australian-owned company with a market cap in excess of AU$400 million.

“Enterprise-level digital transformation takes time, expertise and significant investment. Many companies may not be able to execute all the elements in a short sprint to reach their business goals. A solid roadmap and partnership with an expert consultancy are critical to a successful transformation. An expert digital transformation consulting partner will help you prioritise and validate the elements that are foundational for growth. If you work with a partner that takes the time to understand your business, they’ll be able to map out a steady evolution that’s aligned with your goals and achievable with your current team.” – Victoria Bergin, Director Digital & Customer, Versent.

Read Victoria Bergin’s article “Involve your team in digital transformation, leverage data and grow your business” to learn more about strategic digital experience modernisation.

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Want to learn more about Versent’s services and how we can help you take on your digital transformation?   

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  • What are the IT challenges your business currently faces?    
  • What are your customers’ main pain points when using your systems?    
  • What are some of the immediate opportunities to solve your users’ problems?    

We’ll give you a set of recommendations on how to take the first steps of your digital transformation journey.    

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“As with the shift from Mainframe to PC, to networked PC and now cloud, it’s less of a wave and more of a paradigm shift to a new technology platform – with new capability unlocked through the shift in approach. Through these shifts we haven’t moved backwards to mainframes – but we have iterated on the new platform to introduce efficiency and the ability to match compute resources directly to the business outcomes and customer demand, in an ever increasing abstracted and distributed fashion.” – Tim Hope, Chief Technology Officer, Versent.

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Versent has your digital transformation needs covered.   

Versent Managed Services.   

Your partner in digital transformation, Versent takes a business growth approach to managed services.   

Cloud Adoption.   

Partnered with Versent, your organisation’s cloud transformation is a smooth, secure process.   

Security & Identity.   

Versent’s bespoke security solutions combine the world’s leading technologies to deliver robust, adaptable protection.      

Data & Insights.    

Position your enterprise for growth by implementing an evolved analytics platform. Versent creates data automation systems that yield strategic insights faster.