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Digital Product & Experience

End-to-end value, from front-end customer experience through to back-end enablement.

Maximise outcomes of your digital investment

We help organisations achieve digital product / market fit through applying a learning-based approach. This involves discovering your customer’s problem, create ideas to solve for this problem and then validate these ideas through prototype testing.

This is an iterative process of build-measure-learn whereby the repeated improvement to your initial prototype reaches a point of confidence to scale the idea.

We take a customer-first, outcomes-driven approach

Versent helps organisations develop and deliver robust digital product and experiences through what we call Customer-Led Engineering

Our aim is to achieve balance between finding a worthwhile customer problem and then identifying a way to solve the problem, the right way.

Our unique blend of digital experience and engineering excellence enables us to orchestrate a holistic outcome spanning across the front-end digital experience through to back-end enablement, including solutions such as mobile, web, IoT, chatbots and digital voice solutions. 

Solving for the convergence of the customer, technology and connectivity

Despite many companies’ best efforts to improve their digital experience and transform, approximately 70% of digital transformation efforts fail.

We tackle and resolve your challenges, by:

  • Developing and executing on a coherent digital strategy
  • Scaling your proposition
  • Building your digital solution
  • Closing capability and capacity gaps in your team

Our end-to-end capabilities for all your digital product and experience requirements:

We can help uncover ways to overcome your most pressing obstacles through our complimentary half-day workshop:

This workshop is aimed at better understanding your situation including an exploration of the following questions:

  • What are the key challenges your business currently faces?
  • Who are your customers and what problem(s) do they have?
  • What is the current customer journey and associated pain points?
  • What value proposition do currently offer your customers?
  • What are some of the immediate opportunities to solve your customer’s problem(s)?
  • What is your ambition level for change?

By exploring these questions, we can provide you with a set of options and recommendation of how you might overcome the problem.

How to get started

Contact our Digital product and experience team and tell us about your business and customer problem or to schedule a complimentary half-day workshop.

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