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AWS Outposts

Extend AWS capabilities to your on-premise environment.

Why AWS Outposts?

AWS Outposts was made available globally on December 4, 2019. Outposts is a new, fully-managed service that extends AWS infrastructure, services, APIs and tools to virtually any customer data centre, co-location space or on-premises facility. This wide applicability means that AWS Outposts enables a consistent hybrid cloud experience for users.  

Versent is a global AWS Outposts Launch Partner, chosen for our expertise in migrating complex workloads to AWS.  

Who will benefit from AWS Outposts?

AWS Outposts is ideal for a variety of businesses:  

  • Companies with latency-sensitive applications, too far from a standard AWS region  
  • Organisations that need data sovereignty in a state area or within their physical control  
  • Businesses that need more AI, ML or GPU based processing with immediate response (for example, real-time image recognition)  
  • Companies that have local data processing or data storage needs  

AWS Outposts can help with all of these use cases and more.   

AWS outposts is now available to customers in Australia and Singapore. Outposts solves some issues that are especially relevant to APAC customers, such as those related to distance, communications networks limitations and regional infrastructure growth programs.  

Key features of AWS Outposts   

  • AWS Outposts can simplify your IT requirements with fully managed infrastructure  
  • Achieve improved IT efficiency and responsiveness to the needs of your business  
  • Amplify developer productivity with the same popular AWS API, console, tools and broad ecosystem of partner solutions  
  • Accelerate your pace of business innovation  

Which AWS services can you run on Outposts?

You can now run a range of AWS Compute & Storage, Networking, Database, Containers and data processing services on Outposts.  

  • Compute & Storage — Amazon EC2 instances and EBS volumes  
  • Networking — Amazon VPC  
  • Database — Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)  
  • Containers — Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) & Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS)  
  • Data Processing — Amazon Elastic Map Reduce (EMR)

How does AWS outposts work?

Need to be on-premise? You can still experience the benefits of AWS.

Chat to one of our Cloud specialists about how your organisation can leverage Outposts:

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