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AWS data platform accelerator

Customer Challenge  

Data ingestion, centralisation, curation and warehousing are fundamental to unlocking the value of data assets within a business. The challenge many customers face is adapting aging reporting infrastructures to modern cloud environments and ensuring they are capturing the full value of these capabilities by adapting legacy frameworks and ways of working to deliver analytics faster and with higher quality.  


Our Data Accelerator is a fully templated Enterprise Data Platform solution for AWS, Snowflake and Databricks that has been designed and built by Versent. It provides our customers with battle-hardened templates for:  

  • Rapid implementation of ingestion, Data lake, Lakehouse and Warehouse architecture patterns  
  • Supports a range of real-time and batch sources using a wide variety of file types and formats  
  • Event-driven data architecture to enable both batch or real-time ingestion and ETL services with minimal rework or recoding  
  • Integrated meta-data tracking and data profiling capabilities to ensure data quality remains consistent across the layers of the solution  
  • Integrated security model (RBAC framework) for the data and underlying services using a combination of services, including AWS Lake formation   
  • Highly scalable workloads that leverage a predominantly server-less architecture  
  • Pre-sized workloads to support small, medium and large pipelines to minimise upfront decision-making related to architecture  
  • Highly configurable solution templates that enable right-sizing of workloads and minimisation of ongoing run costs   
  • Integrated logging, monitoring and support framework across ingestion and ETL services  

Customer Value  

  • Significantly less time spend on architectural decision making and more on value delivery  
  • Integrated with our DataOps delivery philosophy and ways of working  
  • Abstracts the complexity of native AWS services for Data teams  
  • Best practice patterns and processes on day one that scale with when you are ready.   

DataOps Accelerator  

Customer Challenge  

Running modern data platforms have become an increasing challenge for customers. The diversity of technology skills required combined with the need to deliver outcomes faster and more reliability are often at odds. At Versent, we specialise in helping customers lean into this challenge by putting in place proven ways of working that guarantee the reliability of your data platform without compromising on velocity.  


Our DataOps Accelerator is a refined set of delivery practices and methodologies for AWS, Snowflake, DataBricks, Talend, and DBT that has been designed and built by Versent. It provides our customers with:  

  • Highly automated delivery and change management practices  
  • Test-driven automation framework and anomaly detection for data workloads  
  • Integrate approaches for operational management and platform reporting  
  • Agile and predictive ETL monitoring and recovery  

Customer Value  

  • Increased team efficiency and reduced delivery and maintenance costs   
  • Increase platform velocity  
  • Increased data quality and trust in data assets  

Data Architecture Accelerator 

Customer Challenge  

Data architecture is central to how an organisation derives value from its expanding asset base. Poor quality data architecture significantly complicates how data effectively integrates at lakehouse, warehouse and operational analytic layers to deliver meaningful customer insights. Working with customers, we’ve learned that unlocking data architecture constraints are as important as the underlying tools and technology used to deliver it.  


The Versent we have developed a number of innovated data architecture design patterns to dramatically accelerate and simplify the development of our clients’ data architecture objectives.   

  • Visual modelling (model-storming approaches)  
  • Highly adapted to agile warehouse and analytic deliver  
  • Aligned to all major modelling methodologies (Inmon, Kimball, Data Vault 2.0)  

Customer Value  

  • A better understanding of how to deliver data as a true enterprise data asset  
  • Engaging and easy to understand for business and technology stakeholders  
  • Transformational way-of-working that have enduring impacts on your data operating model  

AI, Data Science & MLOps Accelerator  

Customer Challenge  

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence are rapidly moving away from bleeding edge to mainstream business capabilities. As off-the-shelf AI services and data science platforms emerge, companies are increasingly looking at how these services can be quickly integrated to drive operational efficiency, process automation and improved customer experiences.  


At Versent, we tap into the deep partner capabilities of AWS and Databricks to unlock the AI and Advanced Analytics opportunities for our clients by:  

  • Discover the potential and opportunities that AI can provide to their business  
  • Establish the best MLOps principles and practices  
  • Create reproducible ML pipelines and software environments  
  • Kick start their AI journey through the development of a POC solution  
  • Provide a clear path to operationalising AI and unlocking commercial value  

Customer Value  

  • Pragmatic business outcome-focused solution for AI and ML  
  • Build a real PoV in less time to accelerate test and learn cycles  
  • Build out the AI and Data Science roadmap for the business, prioritised by commercial value  
  • Deeper business engagement around advanced analytic opportunities  

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