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App Modernisation

Cloud-native development is the new normal. The ability to rapidly innovate, scale and respond is essential to attracting and retaining customers.

Build your applications smarter

Modern applications are built and managed via new operational models, architectural practices, and software development and delivery paradigms. Use cases encompass mobile and web applications, microservices, serverless, containerisation, cloud-native apps, and data workloads.  

Is your organisation struggling with high TCO and long product launch timelines? Do you want to be able to test ideas quickly and break into new markets? To achieve these goals and diversify your revenue streams, you need to embrace app modernisation.  

Versent: your modernisation partner

Our approach to App Modernisation is focused on a holistic, omnichannel end-user experience. We adopt an end-to-end approach to app modernisation, from customer experience objectives to speed, cost reduction and reliability outcomes.  

Versent can help you with concept execution, delivery capacity, process transformation and enhanced flexibility in managing applications and services portfolios. We’ll also ensure that your legislative and security requirements are met, minimising risk for your customers.  

Our customers are the best measure of Versent’s value

“Versent delivered the solution in just four months, and the benefits to our business were almost instant. We’ve seen an increase in collaboration, zero downtime, and improved speed to market. This has allowed us to make quicker decisions and implement changes with much faster outcomes which provided immediate value-add. It has also allowed our internal teams to continue managing the platform and the stream of projects which now stem from it.”  – Mithran Naiker, ‎General Manager Infrastructure & Service Delivery, Transurban. 

Want to know more? Read the complete Transurban case study.

Make the most of Versent’s AWS expertise 

You can benefit from the AWS ecosystem and Versent’s extensive experience in designing and running applications in the cloud.  

AppDev with very high degrees of automation. Gain Dev(Sec)Ops benefits​

  • Fully automated CI/CD​
  • Security testing​
  • Code quality testing​

AppDev straight into the cloud. Gain cloud benefits​

  • Serverless​
  • Cloud native​
  • Global distribution​
  • Resilience

Our key AppDev tech stack includes: Apigee / API Gateway; DevPortal; Envoy; Istio; Kubernetes / EKS; Golang; gRPC.

Ready to modernise?

Talk to us to identify how you can accelerate your App Modernisation cycle and create new revenue opportunities.

Versent helps you build it, run it, and optimise it.    

The first big challenge of digital transformation is building your platforms, but that’s not the end of the story.    

Maintaining and evolving your new IT environment is vitally important. It’s an iterative project, completed in strategic phases. You’ll need automation, app integration and personalisation to build the best customer experience. Versent helps you to optimise your ecosystem for delivery in line with your customers’ expectations.   

Partnered with Versent, we’ll guide your enterprise through a rapid release and iteration process.    

  1. We’ll get you in front of your customers quickly, with a quality experience.   
  1. We’ll fine-tune your customer experience platforms until everything works perfectly.    
  1. Versent will implement automation in your build to evolve your customer experience.    
  1. Versent has long experience in managing the human aspects of digital transformation, so we’ll make sure your team is aligned with your goals all the way.  

Versent has your cloud transformation needs covered   

Security & Identity     

Versent’s bespoke security solutions combine the world’s leading technologies to deliver robust, adaptable protection.        

Digital Experience & Modernisation     

Versent optimises every aspect of your organisation’s digital ecosystem, from customer experience to back-end systems.     

Data & Insights     

Position your enterprise for growth by implementing an evolved analytics platform. Versent creates data automation systems that yield strategic insights faster.     

Versent Managed Services     

Your partner in digital transformation, Versent takes a business growth approach to cloud services.     

Cloud Adoption      

Partnered with Versent, your organisation’s cloud transformation is a smooth, secure process.