Virtualisation made simple

Virtualisation had a promise, which has reliably delivered for decades. Make enterprise computing more simple! Does this promise still ring true? With recent announcements, news in the market and the climate of organisations growing; this core objective has become less of a promise and returned back to a pipe dream.
Have you also experienced this change in your organisation?

So, what’s exactly happened?

In November of 2023, Broadcom finalised its acquisition of VMWare. One of the key virtualisation players in the market. Remaining as a key contributor to the virtualisation movement since the late Nineties, the rise of consolidating physical environments was revolutionary, which led to an increase in features through to the late 2000’s. VMWare being this critical brand in the market, its value proposition was strong and ripe for a Merge & Acquisition opportunity. So; VMWare was bought! VMWare, now owned by Broadcom began the integration process quickly, which started off a full asset and product suite review. This review ultimately brought forward a proposition in the market of license simplification. That simplification meant that licenses were merged into a single type and SKU.

But, was it really simplification or maximisation?

As customers discovered, product licenses simplification led to individualistic products being merged into a grouped subscription SKU. This means all products were included, even if you didn’t use them.
Product costing is simplified into a single quote or renewal, which is the intent, but this product grouping inflates costs dramatically.

So, why act now?

Virtualisation is important to all types of organisations at all levels of maturity. Renewal’s are difficult to manage generally, but this disruption increases pressure. So time is of the essence!

We work with:

Virtualisation Challenges:

  • Increased costs

    License renewals have changed, and contracts are increasingly immovable. Subsequent updates are subject to rising costs with no net new benefits.

  • Time sensitivity

    Take control of your technology stability and maintenance to prevent conflicts and inefficiencies before they arise.

  • Skills shortage

    Start developing a mature skills mix today to ensure a smooth and timely transition for your services, avoiding delays in the future.

  • Criticality to develop on a transition plan

    You are required to urgently devise a strategy for transitioning to an alternative platform, timelines, milestones, training enablement and key actions.

Versent Solution:

  • Navigate easily

    We provide a way forward with an Accelerated & Tailored Assessment, offering an unbiased view to ensure you are well-positioned for the future.

  • Identify the cost-benefit

    We conduct a Cost Benefit Analysis and Gap Costing to demonstrate how virtualisation Modernisation can enhance efficiency, scalability, and overall performance.

  • Build and configure a platform uplift

    We think outside the box to constantly automate and improve your setup, ensuring your platform is always at its best. We help bring people on the journey.

  • Partnerships

    Our technology partnerships will assist customers through this change, providing expert guidance and support to ensure a seamless transition and continued success.

Our partners:

  • Amazon Web Services

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Nutanix

Versent Advisory & Build are different

Versent can provide Accelerated Transition Services designed not only to assess environments facing impending licensing or cost pressure but also to integrate partnerships with alternative technologies. These technologies can be tailored to swiftly convert or migrate & modernise your workloads at speed and scale.

Our team of experts possesses unparalleled knowledge and capabilities across all cloud platforms supporting virtualisation architectures. We leverage best-in-class frameworks and toolsets to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.