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Modernise – and monetise your data architecture with data modernisation.

  • Break free from legacy architecture.

    In today’s business environment, data modernisation is crucial for organisations to unlock the full potential of their data assets. Versent Data offers a comprehensive suite of data modernisation services that enable businesses to break free from legacy architecture and leverage SaaS and cloud-native data tooling to simplify infrastructure management and increase data velocity. Break free from legacy architecture with SaaS and cloud-native data tooling to bring together data and IP assets, simplifying infrastructure management and increase data velocity, making data much more digestible and accessible.

  • Enable innovation-as-a-service.

    Our approach to data modernisation involves an ongoing, iterative process of extracting authentic business value from data inputs, and continuous learning loops. Our team integrates and manages business event analysis & modelling (BEAM), agile warehouses, automated data pipelines, BI prototypes and deployment models, enabling just-in-time, design-friendly iteration.

    Improvement and optimisation loops are embedded via SRE and DataOps, incorporating industry insights and new opportunity development, as well as infrastructure optimisation/enhancement.

  • Get to business value faster.

    Breaking down large monolithic data transformation engagements into iterative programs of work that can deliver a minimal viable data solution sooner, simplifies enterprise transformation strategies. We can help you accelerate data innovation with our agile data delivery techniques and product-based design approaches. Our scaled, agile approach to data modernisation entails shifting to quick iteration loops – BEAM, ETL, BI prototyping, review + release, and realising incremental value quicker and sooner, rather than traditional waterfall approaches.

  • Benefits.

    Versent has transformed the data architectures of customers such as VIX Technology and Land Services South Australia, where the shift to an agile data delivery model have realised the following customer benefits:

    • Condensed lead times to deliver new services (weeks, not months)
    • Overcoming investment inertia
    • Iterative value delivery

Ready to unlock the full potential of your data assets and accelerate innovation? Partner with us to take the first step towards modernising and monetising your data architecture. Contact us today to learn more.

  • 500% Faster data ingestion
  • 0 System downtime