Data & Insights

Streamline your data ecosystem with data accelerators.


Fast-track your data workloads with best practice architectural patterns.

Are you looking to expedite your time-to-insights and streamline your data ecosystem? Our proven data accelerators offer best practice architectural patterns for implementing a modern data cloud platform that can enable a wide range of data workloads, including data lakes, enterprise data warehouse, enterprise ODS, and reporting applications.

Our accelerators come with all the necessary checks and balances, including fully event-driven processes, robust metadata capture, built-in data quality checking, and integrated logging and monitoring. Designed to be driven using Agile and DevOps delivery processes, our accelerators maintain platform velocity during build and run, ensuring a smooth transition from build to operations.

By partnering with us, you will have access to industry-leading data warehousing frameworks, battle-tested architecture patterns, and delivery practices, as well as scaled operating models and higher platform ROI. Additionally, our accelerators are equipped with security guard rails and DataOps foundations to deliver high-velocity, automated, and tested data outcomes.

Versent’s proven strategic methodology and delivery approach accelerates business outcomes for our joint customers and aligns perfectly with Snowflake’s mission to enable every organisation to be data-driven.

Peter O’Connor, APAC VP, Snowflake