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In 2014, the founders of Versent each made the bold move to leave the world of corporate enterprise behind them, and set their sights on establishing a start-up business model that would better suit the modern age. Their goal? To change the landscape of the enterprise digital economy by bringing a modern day approach to a world of old-school thinking. With over 30 years of collective experience, Versent was established and today consults to a number of high profile clients in the Finance, Telecommunications, Media, Public Sector, and Utilities industries. So what does Versent have planned for the future? Expect a continuation of what we’ve already started: achieving quality outcomes, building lasting relationships and delivering on what we promise. While concurrently pushing the envelope with our new product offering Stax, and bringing the IT community together in our shared work and events space, Level 3.

our team

Thor Essman

CEO & Founder

Think big, deliver results.

With over 20 years of senior strategic and operational leadership experience, Thor combines a passion for disruptive technology with extensive expertise in cultural change; bringing together business, technology and financial interests to deliver tangible outcomes.

James Coxon

CTO & Founder

Do it better.

With a focus on strategic governance, James delivers scalable cloud infrastructure for multi-channel digital assets, whilst ensuring cultural change is expertly managed and continuous improvement strategies are implemented across all business engagements.

Eddie Smith

CISO & FoundeR

Lock it down.

As a respected industry expert with over 20 years of experience in digital security, Eddie offers strategic governance, architecture and design advice across enterprise digital solutions, with a focus on identity and access management, compliance, risk, and security services.

Tim Hope

General Manager, Northern Region

Build, grow and motivate.

An established business executive with a track record of building or modernising large scale enterprise technology platforms, across many different customer segments. Tim's focus is on developing and maintaining relationships, and working to establish strategic direction for Versent’s clients, team members and partners.

Rhys Evans

General Manager, Southern Region

Drive, adopt, implement.

Rhys is a strategic senior operations leader and currently responsible for management of over 70 staff members. Rhys is responsible for the continuous improvement and delivery of all projects in the southern region and ensuring customer success.

Dean Robinson

GM Managed services

Exceed customer expectations.

‍Dean believes people, culture and attitude are the key to success.  He has a strong passion for development operations and managed services - ensuring the end client and customer have a good experience with whatever the product or channel interaction. 

Paul Jenkins

GM - People & Culture

Culture, Values & Craft.

Developing the ‘People’ function within Versent’s high growth environment. Paul works hard to find the right people to fit with the culture of company and ensure we maintain focus on our core values. Paul ensures the team grows and Versent is seen as the employer of choice.

Dan Smith

Head of Operations

Getting it done.

‍Dan is focused on executing Versent’s day to day operations, managing financials and implementing strategic initiatives. His passion for process improvement allows him to continuously progress how Versent operates. His background has been in strategy and commercialisation of enterprise level cloud platforms.



A positive team with a family spirit, because life is too short for anything else.


Create remarkable experiences for customers, and treat them as we would wish to be treated.


Be artisans who care for our craft, leading change through continuous improvement.


Do what we say we will do, when we say we will do it, every time.


Full disclosure, integrity and honesty in all things.


Give back and assist as much as possible, whenever possible.

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