Strategy & Architecture

Build long-term velocity with cross-disciplinary advisory.

Establish the foundations for an unconstrained tomorrow.

Cross-Discipline Advisory for High-Velocity Engineering. Crafting an indelible strategy for success.

Versent’s Strategy and Architecture team develops modern and bespoke High-Velocity Engineering roadmaps to give you a realistic and executable path for success. We combine our delivery experience and your business context to build a clear path forward to uplift capability across your people, process and technology. Our services encompass discovery, analysis, and design planning, and can be delivered as workshops or a consulting engagement. 

We conduct a thorough, holistic analysis of your existing technology gaps and the associated impact on the technical, process, cultural and financial aspects of your organisation. The discovery phase ensures a faster, seamless implementation and cutover.

“65% of transformation projects fail to achieve the desired outcomes”

Accenture, 2020

Transformation projects fail because businesses ignore or misunderstand the constraints that stand in the way of achieving their objectives and consequently don’t navigate them effectively.

Executing successful transformations requires a focus on three key success drivers:

  • Orchestration: Seamless orchestration across key cloud disciplines is a force multiplier. Digital, Data, Cloud.
  • Culture: Culture and Technology are symbiotic. They drive each other. You can’t get the most value out of technology without the right culture.
  • Pragmatism: Fast delivery now can mean lower velocity later. Higher velocity later often means taking time to make high-quality plans at the outset.

Our High-Velocity Framework helps you build for velocity from the start

Leveraging our deep capabilities and experience across digital experiences and applications, high-impact data environments, cloud foundations, and security, the cross-discipline advisory team and Versent’s High-Velocity Framework aims to ensure your project is set up for success from the word go.

The framework enables teams to align on their view of success right from the start of an engagement, cohesively linking the opportunity definition to an achievable transformation roadmap utilising modern capabilities, all underpinned with real-time and qualifiable diagnostics to enable continuous improvements in your organisation.

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Case Studies

  • Large Industrial Customer


    “When building cloud native – the most important thing is to build trust in those you  are working with. Build rapport so you can distribute throughout the team more  effectively.”


    Digital Strategy and Capability. 

    See Case study →
  • Leading Transportation Customer


    “During the project, our Cloud security posture was kept aligned to our enterprise  security model. This helped us achieve our “Secure Cloud Adoption” goal while  maintaining speed of delivery.”

    General Manager

    Infrastructure & Service Delivery

    See Case study →
  • Rest


    Versent built a complete solution for us. Our previous telephony solution was a per-user pricing model – it was simply too expensive. With Amazon Connect’s pay-per-minute pricing, we could bring on these teams, enabling a better customer and business experience, as well as benefit from a more cost-efficient billing model.

    Simon Smith

    General Manager Technology, Rest

    See Case study →
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