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Versent’s cloud security solutions combine leading technologies to deliver robust, adaptable protection.

What sort of cybersecurity do you need in the 2020s? 

Cloud security is the most effective means of protecting enterprise data because it’s designed to constantly adapt to changing conditions. Cloud security addresses threats as quickly as they arise and can even preempt them in some instances.     

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is an increasingly important aspect of online security for business. IAM protects online systems from incursion, as well as making access easier for team members and customers.  

Versent delivers tailored security and IAM solutions for our clients that protect their online systems without interfering with them. Our security solutions are well-regulated pathways, not roadblocks.     

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What are your organisation’s top cybersecurity priorities? 

Identity and access management.   

Cloud-based IAM – Identity and Access Management – tools are a vital part of contemporary enterprise security. The productivity & customer benefits of cloud IAM solutions go far beyond mere login protection. 
Versent’s IAM solutions bring together a suite of resilient, industry-leading software with a standards-led, pattern-based approach. Versent’s identity management solutions not only keep attackers out of your systems but also facilitate convenient access for your customers and trusted team members.   

Web-based threats.   

Common digital security risks like DDoS attacks, system misconfigurations and IoT exploits are on the rise, because of the exponential growth of networked technology.  
Versent’s employs cloud solutions like Infrastructure as Code (IaC) because they’re the most effective way to combat twenty-first-century cyber-threats.  Cloud security tools can iterate in real-time to address emerging threats and manage critical system failures.   

Mobile device and BYOD security.   

Remote work became the norm for millions more people in 2020, creating a boom in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) vulnerabilities. There has never been a greater imperative for your business to invest in robust ID authentication practices.  
Versent’s cloud-based cybersecurity and IAM tools give your team and customers the flexibility to work, shop and participate wherever they are, without making your services vulnerable.   

Zero-Trust benchmarks.   

It is estimated that during the first twelve months of the COVID-19 pandemic, cybercrime rose more than 600%.  
Versent employs Zero Trust industry benchmarks for all our service offerings, bringing together modern IAM and cloud security solutions. Versent security ensures that access to your services is authenticated and authorised every step of the way.     

“During the project, our AWS security posture was kept aligned to our enterprise security model. This helped us achieve our “Secure Cloud Adoption” goal while maintaining speed of delivery.” – Mithran Naiker, ‎General Manager Infrastructure & Service Delivery, Transurban. 

Want to know more? Read the full case study of Versent’s secure cloud transformation work for Transurban.

Rely on an industry-leading cloud security partner. 

  • Versent is a premier AWS (Amazon Web Services) Partner. We bring our mature AWS & DevOps expertise to bear on every project we undertake.   
  • We are one of only four Ping Identity Titanium Partners worldwide.   
  • Versent was Ping International Channel Partner of the Year, 2020.   

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