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A business growth approach to cloud management.

Want managed services that work better and save money?

Versent Managed Services goes beyond the standard ‘run and operate’ model. We work with our clients to leverage the full capabilities of their cloud platform, saving money, increasing productivity, and enhancing security.

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Give your enterprise a competitive edge

Versent will help you find the best pathway to cloud transformation  
We provide our customers with the insights, tools & upskilling to implement rapid, secure changes in their operations.   
Gain resilience without losing flexibility   
If you’re not using it, you shouldn’t be paying for it. Elastic cloud computing means less wasted bandwidth and tangible monetary savings. Versent will implement right-sizing automation that makes sure you have access to the resources you need but don’t waste money on excess services.   
Your customers’ experience is our priority, too  
We provide full-stack IT managed services that put your customers first. Versent’s approach to cloud is all about making sure you never miss an opportunity to engage with your users. 
Free up your IT team to focus on product innovation  
We’ll take care of back-end operations, so you don’t have to. You want your internal IT team to be able to dedicate themselves to product development and user support. We’ll make sure they’ve got the best cloud platform to work with and never have to worry about maintaining it. 
Benefit from world-class AWS expertise  
The Versent team are AWS, SaaS and PaaS specialists. When you work with us, you get world-class skills and a highly experienced corporate cloud management team.   
Cybersecurity is a priority  
Operate your cloud infrastructure with confidence. Partnering with Versent means you get continuous patching, Zero-Trust policy adherence & cutting edge Identity & Access Management (IAM).

“We’re all about outcomes here at Boral. We chose Versent for its wealth of experience and ability to execute a rapid cloud migration at scale, along with the experience to balance speed against cost and quality” – Garran Jones, General Manager Technical Foundation, Boral.

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In this on-demand webinar, hear David Marks, Manager of Cloud Infrastructure at Boral, talk about strategic cost minimisation achieved with Versent Managed Services.

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