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Versent Managed Services

A business growth approach to cloud management.

Redefining Managed Services.

Versent Managed Services go beyond the standard ‘run and operate’ model. We help our clients leverage the full capabilities of their cloud platforms to

  • save money,   
  • increase productivity, &   
  • enhance compliance and security.

Optimised cloud services mean better business outcomes.

Our managed services teams offer: 

  • ongoing advice and tech mentorship,   
  • proactive engineering,  
  • full-stack support with Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), &  
  • break/fix, incident and change management.

“We’re all about outcomes here at Boral. We chose Versent for its wealth of experience and ability to execute a rapid cloud migration at scale, along with the experience to balance speed against cost and quality” – Garran Jones, General Manager Technical Foundation, Boral.

Current trends in enterprise computing.


  • A projected 35% surge in public cloud infrastructure revenue in 2021.   
  • The proliferation of hybrid & multi-cloud environments.


  • Efficient migration & cloud service management strategy.   
  • Effective resource and IT team utilisation through specialist partnerships.   


  • Unprecedented levels of cybercrime in 2020 and 2021.  
  • Remote working has forced a reassessment of corporate firewall technology.  
  • A shift in focus toward cybersecurity endpoint detection & response.   


  • SaaS (Software as a Service) remains the largest cloud market segment by revenue, forecast to exceed US$110 billion in 2021.   
  • PaaS (Platform as a Service) technology is increasingly in demand due to its containerised, serverless attributes. 

Versent gives your enterprise a competitive edge. 

Faster pathways to cloud transformation.  

We provide our customers with the insights, tools & upskilling to implement rapid, secure changes in their operations.   

Gain resilience without losing flexibility.   

Elastic cloud deployment means less wasted bandwidth and tangible monetary savings.   

End-user experience a priority.  

We provide full-stack managed services that put your customers first.   

Free up your IT team to focus on product innovation.  

We’ll take care of back-end operations, so you don’t have to.  

Benefit from world-class AWS expertise from day one.  

Versent’s team are AWS SaaS and PaaS specialists. When you work with us, you get the best people on the job straight away.   

Cybersecurity-first service model.  

Versent guarantees continuous patching, Zero-Trust policy adherence & best-of-breed identity & access management. Make your move to the cloud with confidence.  

Want to learn more?

In this on-demand webinar, hear David Marks, Manager of Cloud Infrastructure at Boral, talk about strategic cost minimisation achieved with Versent Managed Services.