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Managed Digital Security

Robust security for all web-based threat vectors - all in the cloud, fully-managed for you

Digital security – all in-the-cloud, fully managed for you

Our unified managed WAF and CDN digital security solution is underpinned by AWS infrastructure and F5 with full on-site engineering and support provided. Versent’s Managed Digital Security solution is designed to be plug and play via CI/CD pipelines.

Your benefits

  • Cost-effective, completely scalable solution based on your data throughput / AWS consumption. We will monitor your monthly costs and optimise accordingly.
  • Short time-to-value – can be scoped and delivered in weeks
  • Optimised customer experience with rich content delivered from edge locations to improve performance and minimise session abandonment
  • Overall enhanced security for your revenue channels
  • Best of breed of technology through AWS and F5 NGINX, that is tuned for each customer
  • Ensure performance of your web traffic performance during seasonal and transaction-heavy events
  • Complete visibility of your ecosystem, including usage costs, via real-time logging, monitoring and alarms
  • Protect on-premise technology from attacks without disruptive network routing updates
  • Full automation of changes using DevSecOps processes
  • Our solution is defined by industry standards, such as OWASP

For our Financial Services customers, our digital managed security solution is a perfect add on to our Open Banking offer.

Contact us to find out how you can effectively block web-based attacks.

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