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Managed Digital Security

Fully managed cloud-based security to protect against all web-based threat vectors.

Automated security for peace of mind  

Managed digital security is a vital plank of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. 

Versent offers fully managed solutions for unified AWS WAF (Amazon Web Services Well-Architected Framework) and CDN (Content Delivery Network) digital security. Our solutions are underpinned by best-practice AWS infrastructure integrating specialist security services with on-site engineering and full support.   

Versent security solutions are supported by fully automated system changes using DevSecOps processes. Your threat definitions and software will always be up-to-date and fully functional.   

Speedy implementation  

Versent will deliver your new cloud security regime in a matter of weeks, so you’ll start getting value for money almost immediately.   

Versent’s Managed Digital Security solutions are designed to be plug and play via CI/CD pipelines.   

Constant optimisation  

We create cost-effective solutions that scale automatically based on your enterprise data throughput and AWS consumption. We’ll monitor your monthly costs and optimise your system accordingly so you never spend more than you need to, and you’ll always have first-class cybersecurity.  

Better customer experience   

Our infosec solutions enable secure rich content delivery from edge locations.  That means improved UX performance and lower rates of session abandonment.  

Secure revenue channels  

Your online financial transactions need iron-clad protection. With Versent’s managed digital security protocols, you can do business confidently, knowing every transaction is secure for both you and your customers.  

For financial services customers, Versent’s digital managed security solutions are a perfect add-on to our Open Banking offer.  

Best of breed of technology   

Versent uses only the latest and most advanced tech in our security solutions: AWS tools, specialised anti-bot solutions, and other specialist security technology. We’ll fine-tune your online ecosystem to get the best results for your enterprise’s specific security needs.  

Our solutions are defined by best-practice architectural frameworks, such as Zero Trust, MITRE and OWASP.  

Flexible, scalable capacity  

With Versent managed digital security, you’ll never need to be concerned about outages caused by traffic surges. We’ll ensure the optimum performance of your system even during holiday seasons and unexpected traffic spikes.  

Get up to the minute security metrics   

We’ll give you complete visibility of your digital ecosystem. With real-time logging, you’ll have an overview of usage costs, activity monitoring and alarms.  

Security for both cloud and in-house systems  

Versent managed digital security seamlessly protects your on-premise technology as well as your cloud-based systems. With our robust threat mitigation, your infrastructure is safe from attacks without the disruption of network routing updates.  

“During the project, our AWS security posture was kept aligned to our enterprise security model. This helped us achieve our “Secure Cloud Adoption” goal while maintaining speed of delivery.” – Mithran Naiker, ‎General Manager Infrastructure & Service Delivery, Transurban.   

Want to know more? Read the full case study of Versent’s secure cloud transformation work for Transurban.  

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