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Build, deploy and test your cloud environment with a single click

DevOps is a cloud transformation game-changer 

Is your business grappling with the challenge of implementing disruptive technology?   

To thrive in the modern economy, enterprises must meet key criteria of scalability and adaptability. To do this requires a firm foundation of quality code and a flexible system for managing infrastructure.  

Deliver profound change faster

Versent DevOps consulting gives you access to the benefits of continuous delivery and deployment. It enables collaborative culture, delivers new features faster, and yields almost instant results.

Technology, especially cloud tech, now drives business success. Rapid adaptation, agility and faster delivery of products to market are the primary sources of competitive advantage.

As major corporations are increasingly focused on online activities, traditional business models are disrupted and fall by the wayside.

How can your enterprise thrive in this highly competitive environment?

DevOps is a key competitive tool in the new online economy, giving you the tools to grow faster while also building a sustainable, flexible digital foundation for your business.

Are you ready to transform your operations?

Versent has the DevOps services to make your digital transformation a success.  

Human skills   

Our team have strong collaboration and communication skills. We’re experts in time management, stress mitigation, and team problem-solving.   

DevOps is a human-focused activity, so our communication skills are a vital part of our ability to mentor your IT team as they adapt to DevOps methodology.  

Process and methodology skills   

Versent has a deep conceptual understanding of DevOps methodologies such as Agile, ITIL, Lean, Scrum, and Value Stream Mapping. We’ll be able to supplement the skills of your internal team and help them gain new skills in these specialist areas.  

Tech skills   

Versent’s engineers have decades of hands-on experience with cloud fundamentals, such as AWS, software engineering, systems thinking, DevOps automation, and software architecture. Our team are a diverse set of specialists, so whatever challenges arise in your implementation, someone on the Versent team will have the right expertise to solve the problem.  

Business focus  

We’re an organisation of technologists and engineers, but we’re also business strategists. We’ve worked with some of Australia’s biggest and fastest-growing companies, so we have practical experience in making tech solutions achieve real-world results. We speak your language when it comes to CAPEX, ROI and cost-efficiency. We make cloud solutions that optimise your figures as well as your technology.  

Versent can help you achieve your goals

Versent brings discipline, automation, and experience to your transformation team. Our expert team will work collaboratively with your internal IT crew to assess your goals and revolutionise how you do business.  

Our extensive experience includes:  

  • DevOps uplift to continuous deployment  
  • Cloud & Development environment build  
  • Build & Code pipeline uplift  
  • Automated testing  
  • Application resilience & modernisation  

DevOps enables cloud maturity. With full-stack automation, you’ll harness the power of world’s-best DevOps tools:  

  • Enterprise-grade APIs  
  • Software and systems agility through full automation  
  • Machine-documented, highly discoverable data  
  • Microservices engineering  
  • Combined infrastructure/application software development lifecycle  
  • Auto-healing, autoscaling in real-time  
  • A modern, adaptive software development lifecycle  
  • Security baked in (DevSecOps)  

Contact one of our DevOps strategists to start your journey:

Versent has your cloud transformation needs covered. 

Cloud Adoption.    

Partnered with Versent, your organisation’s cloud transformation is a smooth, secure process.    

Security & Identity.   

Versent’s bespoke security solutions combine the world’s leading technologies to deliver robust, adaptable protection.      

Digital Experience & Modernisation.   

Versent optimises every aspect of your organisation’s digital ecosystem, from customer experience to back-end systems.   

Data & Insights.   

Position your enterprise for growth by implementing an evolved analytics platform. Versent creates data automation systems that yield strategic insights faster.   

Versent Managed Services.   

Your partner in digital transformation, Versent takes a business growth approach to cloud services.