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Build, deploy and test - all with a single click

DevOps is the game-changer, not cloud

Enterprises are grappling with disruptive technologies.

To thrive – and not just survive – enterprises must meet the key criteria of scalability and adaptability. To do this, you must build a firm foundation of quality code and a way to manage infrastructure in a flexible way.

Deliver rapid change through automation

DevOps gives you access to the benefits of continuous delivery and deployment. Promote a collaborative culture, deliver new features faster, and see instant results.

How Versent can help

Versent brings discipline, automation, and transformation to your team and systems. Our experienced teams work with your organisation to revolutionise your business.

Our extensive experience includes:

  • DevOps uplift to continuous deployment
  • Cloud & Development environment build
  • Build & Code pipeline uplift
  • Automated testing
  • Application resilience & modernisation

DevOps enables cloud maturity. With full stack, end-to-end automation in the elastic cloud, your organisation can harness the power of:

  • Enterprise-grade APIs
  • Software and systems agility through full automation
  • Machine-documented, highly discoverable data
  • Microservices engineering
  • Combined infrastructure/application software development lifecycle
  • Auto-healing, autoscaling in real-time
  • A modern, adaptive software development lifecycle
  • Security baked in (DevSecOps)

Are you ready to transform your operations?

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