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Deriving valuable business insights through data.

Unleash the Power of Data

As organisations move data storage and analytics to the cloud, they are often faced with the challenge of how to effectively manage and utilise the vast amounts of information that come with centralisation.

Versent’s Data & Analytics service works as a partnership, in which we help our customers architect the ‘art of the possible’ and leverage data to achieve business growth with real-time insights that deliver immediate benefits.

Driven by DevOps

By embarking on DevOps-driven data management overhauls, our customers have saved 70%+ of the cost of traditional Warehouses, ETL and Data Pipelines. They have also:

  • Diversified revenue streams
  • Gained sustainable competitive advantages
  • Implemented proper discipline and governance processes
  • Bridged the gap between Build and Run phases of data projects
  • Established protocols for ongoing data quality improvements

Spin the Data Flywheel

The data flywheel is a comprehensive approach that enables businesses to derive value from their data. Versent have the processes, infrastructure, tools and talent to get your wheel spinning, including:

  • A talented team of expert data and cloud engineers
  • Scalable analytics and data science processes for corporate and start-up environments
  • Zero Trust ethos to safeguard your data assets and insights
  • Best of breed tools from AWS and our partner ecosystem
  • Total data solutions including curated sets with data users in mind

Don’t wait – get that flywheel going

Data YBR

Data YBR
Strategy & roadmap to guide your transformation journey

Data Quick Start

Data Quick Start
2 pizza team to quickly demonstrate the art of the possible

Get Underway

Get Underway
An expert Data & Cloud Engineering team to deliver the outcome needed by your business

Not sure what you need?

Not sure what you need?
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