our mission

Actually, it’s your mission. We just help you get there.
Keeping up in the digital age is a tough gig for any business, and finding the right technology partner to help you adapt can be even tougher. That’s why we’ve ditched the traditional model and focused on delivering only the highest quality solutions; efficiently, transparently and reliably.
With a focus on bringing craftsmanship back to technology, we’ve built a team of passionate technology artisans who truly care about achieving quality outcomes, building lasting relationships and delivering on what we promise.

what we do

Four brains, one idea

In 2014, it all came together: A unique approach to business technology services and the desire to shake up an industry that was losing its way.

We do things differently

We like to keep things simple. Transforming infrastructure services to perform effectively in the cloud with an automated, disciplined methodology. Never compromising on quality.

How do we do it?

Again, it’s simple. A structured approach to consulting, managed services and development. A wealth of expertise in the enterprise space. And a business model driven by innovation and integrity.

security & IDENTITY

Pragmatic: Security as an enabler, not an inhibitor.

Look beyond the traditional, lead with security. This is our model, and we’re sticking with it. We want you to feel protected, that’s why we offer finely-tuned solutions that leverage emerging technologies, and carefully consider elements of risk, audit, legal and compliance in the design and planning of each and every engagement.


One Click: Experience rapid change through automation.

Build, deploy and test, all with a single click. Our leading-edge DevOps practice will see you experience rapid change through automation, and is designed as your strategic business enabler. DevOps gives you access to the continuous delivery of technology through a collaborative culture, and shared performance metrics that link directly to business results.


Agility: Experience consumption, convergence and capacity.

Experience consumption, convergence, and capacity with Versent’s Cloud services; designed specifically to increase your organisational agility, flexibility, and competitive advantage. Our methodology of discipline, automation, and transformation is consistently applied, ensuring you are set up to receive all the benefits of a hosted cloud solution.

APPDEV & api

Connected: Modern day thinking for old-school systems.

Imagine a world where APIs represent the ease of connectivity and automated approach that fuels digital empowerment, by applying modern-day thinking to old-school systems. This is precisely the Versent way; combining methodology and software to self-heal and protect your legacy systems, exposing only the relevant services to customers and safeguarding your business from risk.

DAta & IoT

Accessible:  Create value from data with actionable insights.

Making data-driven decisions through actionable insights is a must-have for enterprise today. With our recent acquisition of Contexti, we now offer the complete AI, ML, data aggregation and data solutions that create real, actionable insights from data through an accessible and affordable model.

VERSENT Managed Services

Operations: Disciplined engineers put the Ops in DevOps.

Guided by discipline and organisational expertise, our Managed Services will be your go-to for issue resolution, employing automated processes to eliminate the human error factor and ensure that you receive an efficient, data-driven customer experience, every time you contact us. We are the Ops, in DevOps.


Responsive: Digital applications, zero downtime, zero hassles.

As specialists in the digital space, we’re focused on helping traditional enterprises transform into future digital leaders, by streamlining business models for the digital age and drastically increasing productivity. With Versent as your strategic partner, you’ll experience responsive digital applications, zero downtime and zero hassles.

Modern digital Workplace

Streamlined: A new layer of intelligence for your daily workflow.

Bring a new layer of intelligence to your daily workflow with Modern Digital Workplace. By enhancing the already powerful foundations of Office365 and SharePoint, we create a streamlined blend of device, desktop and cloud services that perform seamlessly, increase productivity and enable highly effective teams – helping you to get the job done quicker, and more intuitively, than ever before.

our values


Dynamic teams with big ideas. Fostering a positive team environment based on creativity, collaboration and innovation, not on suits and ties.


Creating an exceptional customer experience, every time. Operating with integrity, honesty and efficiency. Delivering what we promised.


Overcoming obstacles with quality initiatives. Leading change through continuous improvement. Always striving to be better, never settling.


Delivery based on a foundation of trust; transforming businesses with intuitive, best practice solutions.


Nothing to hide: applying principles of open communication and full disclosure, from start to finish.


Giving back to the technology community, facilitating introductions and inspiring innovation through conversation.


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