PingOne Advanced Services

Introducing PingOne Advanced Services

PingOne Advanced Services simplifies Identity & Access Management through automation yet offers unprecedented customisations with limitless configurations, all on a private cloud tenant.

Ultra-fast deployment in the market leading IAM solution

Enterprises need a dependable way for customers, employees, and partners to conveniently and securely sign on to their services and applications. However, this requires companies to support multiple standards, different authentication flows, and a wide range of identity and service providers while operating and maintaining the solution.

Global IAM Expertise, 100% Local Talent

We have the largest team of Ping Identity experts in the APAC region, having implemented over 90% of Ping Identity solutions. Over the past five years, Versent has secured 33 million identities in an operating state, achieving an average of six 9’s service uptime.

Versent is a development partner and trusted advisor of Ping Identity and is formally involved in their product and features roadmap.

Out-of-the-box and bespoke

PingOne Advanced Services – Ping Identity’s new cloud-based IAM solution – will enable you to: slash operational costs; simplify and automate your authentication, SSO and directory services; and provide a controlled data and security posture. All without having to acquire or develop specialist IAM, DevOps and cloud skillsets and go through the pain and expense of building and operating your own enterprise-grade cloud and IAM infrastructure.

By going all-in to the cloud and completely automating your IAM operations, you can offer a seamless digital experience for your users and customers. Plus, free up your IT resources to focus on innovation and revenue-generating initiatives.

PingOne Advanced Services is a global first for enterprise customers, bringing you the deep IAM capabilities of Ping Identity software, used and trusted by over half of Fortune 100 companies.

Cloud IAM
Cloud IAM

Practically limitless configuration options combined with a dedicated cloud environment means enterprises control their data and security while also automating IAM operations.

Highly configurable authentication and directory services
Highly configurable authentication and directory services

Regardless of where your applications or resources reside, you can leverage PingCloud’s extensibility for diverse user and identity types.

Simplified identity management and minimized costs
Simplified identity management and minimized costs

Moving IAM solutions from on-premises to the cloud can save companies significant IT operational costs. PingCloud provides the convenience of centralized configuration via self-service and concierge support options, saving money without compromising support.

Architected for enterprise hybrid IT
Architected for enterprise hybrid IT

PingCloud reaches every corner of an enterprise’s hybrid IT or multi-cloud environment without the need to install, update and manage separate on-premises proxies and agents.

Automated operations to reduce complexity
Automated operations to reduce complexity

PingCloud allows IT teams to create different environments for development, test and production as needed, with regional configuration options to comply with geographic or regulatory constraints. Reduced deployment complexity and simplified IAM operations mean IT teams can respond more quickly and efficiently to global demand for IAM services.

Maintain software currency
Maintain software currency

Stay current and at the forefront with the latest Ping Identity software features and benefits; annual product upgrades are included in your license.

On-Demand Webinar

Advanced Cloud Identity Solution without compromise

Hear from Versent’s CISO, Eddie Smith, on how PingOne Advanced Services can:

• Collapse your time-to-production by 70%
• Revolutionise your IAM capabilities and operational model
• Offer you deep IAM capabilities quickly, without having to architect and build your own cloud platform, services and CI/CD pipelines
• Provide your end-users with an optimal, seamless experience across all digital platforms, applications and services

How does it work?

PingOne Advanced Services is secure and extensible, so it reaches every corner of your hybrid IT or multi-cloud environment without needing to install, update and manage separate on-premises proxies and agents. Ping Identity’s  enterprise extensibility spans over fifteen years and has resulted in comprehensive standards support and market-leading adaptors, connectors and integration kits that can be leveraged in PingOne Advanced Services, all delivered as a cloud service. PingOne Advanced Services can be deployed in any combination of Ping Identity software.

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