What is it?

A unified service management solution provided by Versent, underpinned by AWS and F5 with full on-site engineering and support provided. The cost-effective solution reduces the risk for customers as they scale out their cloud environment, protects against digital security attacks. It delivers shorter time to value and more efficient use of technology, offering your customers an enhanced, unfailing experience of your services.

For our financial service customers, our digital managed security solution is a perfect add on to our open banking offer.

What do you get?

  1. Real time logging, monitoring & alarms. High visibility of your ecosystem and any and all changes.
  2. Unlike other SaaS tools, you get complete transparency over all your usage costs.
  3. Dedicated environments for engineering changes, app on-boarding and business UAT.
  4. Through our partner-led model, you will get a hands-on team of experts to ensure our digital managed security solution works the right way for you.
  5. Protecting on-premise technology from attacks without disruptive network routing updates.
  6. Full automation of changes using DevSecOps processes.
  7. Best of breed product offering that can be tuned for each customer
  8. Ongoing cost optimisation – based on what you use F5/AWS.
  9. Bot protection and custom executive dashboarding.

The benefits for you

It really is a high value, low cost option, that can be scoped and delivered in weeks.
Optimised customer experience with rich content delivered from edge locations to improve performance and minimise session abandonment
Overall security for your revenue channels.
Best of breed of technology through AWS, F5 Nginx
Ensure performance of your web traffic during seasonal, transaction heavy events.

Why Versent?

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