Data Done Done Offer

Data Done Done Offer

Our approach to data platforms focuses on:

Leveraging proven solution patterns that accelerate the delivery of your project and readily scale to meet the demand of your workloads.

Delivering agile and responsive architectures to ensure you can continue to deliver innovation at the pace of your business and customers post implementation.
And are backed by strong DevOps for Data (DataOps) practices to ensure service reliability and operational effectiveness.

Ultimately our aim is to cut down in the architecture decision making, coding effort, raw data management and critically ongoing consumption costs for your data platform, using a fully server-less AWS data platform that is not just Done but Done-Done in as little at 13 weeks and $397k ex GST.

Note: Each offer is limited to a 180 consulting day engagement and does not include AWS consumption or of licensing costs.


A free Data Done Done Diagnostic to understand the specific needs and dependencies for your platform
Design and implementation of a Data platform aligned to AWS Modern Data Architecture best practices
Ingestion of 3 data sources
Implementation of up to 7 key reports
And a comprehensive hand-over to your data team
We also offer you the option to engage us to deliver your Data Yellow Brick Road (YBR). The Data YBR will help you define your strategic roadmap for data and put in place the sign-posts to deliver your organisations’ vision for data.

If you are ready to get your data journey under way contact us to kick off your Data Done Done Diagnostic.

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