Join your peers in attaining
AWS architectural best practices:

Assess your workload against best practices

Versent is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Well-Architected Partner, which means we have a dedicated team of experts to consult with you on your cloud workloads and architectural designs.

We can now offer you a complimentary AWS architectural review, where a Versent Well-Architected Partner will:

The review session only takes 2-3 hours. The consultation and report are complimentary, and you have the opportunity to receive funding credits from AWS once the review is complete.

Let’s get you well-architected – chat to one of our AWS Well-Architected Practitioners today. (anchor link to the contact form at the base of the page).

Build using a structured approach

The AWS Well-Architected Framework includes strategies to help you compare your workload against AWS best practices; and obtain guidance to produce stable and efficient systems so you can focus on functional requirements.

At Versent, we leverage our deep expertise of AWS and the Well-Architected Framework to effectively evaluate your workloads and understand how it can be improved against AWS best practices. The review will focus on the five pillars of the Well-Architected Framework:

Performance Efficiency
Cost Optimisation
Operation Excellence


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